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How to Repair a Whirlpool Gas Range: 4 Simple Tips

Picture this: you’re in the kitchen, sautéing onions for dinner. When you hear a hissing sound and then a gush of gas in the stovetop. Now, everything’s covered in gas, and dinner is ruined.

A broken gas range can be an annoyance in the worst way. When you need your stove the most, it’s often when the pieces might fail. Fortunately, there are several tips that can help with fixing your malfunctions with a whirlpool gas range!

See below for four simple tips to try when you’re stuck with a broken stove.

1. Check Out the Stove Oven Igniter

Wear protective eyewear and gloves when repairing a Whirlpool gas range to check the stove oven igniter. Start by inspecting the area around the oven for signs of wiring damage or unsecure connectors. Disconnect all screws holding the element and cut any plastic ties.

Remove the two screws securing the igniter and gently remove it from the oven. Check all terminals for signs of wear or discoloration and inspect the wires for signs of burnt insulation.

If all looks good, reinstall the igniter in the oven and reconnect all the wires. Test the oven after installation for proper functioning. If the oven still not heating up, replace the igniter.

2. Clean Burner Grates

Regularly cleaning your burner grates is an important part of maintaining your range top. To do this, scrape off any debris or food spills, pour a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and hot water over the bottom of the burner, scrub the grates using a nylon brush, and apply a cleaner specifically designed for burner grates.

Allow the cleaner to sit for 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with hot water. Finally, dry the grates with a soft cloth. Doing this regularly will ensure that your range tops look and function for years to come.

3. Adjust the Air Shutter

Unplug the range and remove the burner grate, burner cap, and burner head. Pry the venturi tube off of the gas valve and adjust the air shutter by rotating it clockwise until the hole is completely exposed.

Reattach the gas valve, place the burner grate and cap back onto the whirlpool stove head, and turn the burner on for a few seconds. Adjust the air shutter again if necessary, and clean the burner head and valve if necessary.

4. Replacing Valve and Cooktop

Replacing the gas valve and cooktop requires unplugging the range from the wall outlet, disconnecting the gas pipe from its connection and removing the nut that holds it. One must remove the cooktop from the slot it’s housed in, and install a new gas valve in the socket at the underside of the range. Connect the new cooktop to the slot and secure it in place using screws or a flathead.

Then, reconnect the gas pipe to its connection and plug the range back into an outlet. Turn the range plug on and let the range heat up to test if the new parts have been installed properly.

Troubleshooting Whirlpool Gas Range Pressure

To conclude, troubleshooting gas pressure in your Whirlpool gas range is not a difficult job. But it requires attention and knowing the right steps.

From checking and adjusting the regulator to watching out for possible obstructions, all these steps will ensure that your range functions properly. If you find yourself needing added help, reach out to a professional technician to help in the repair process and get your range working like new!

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