3 Silent Signs Of Air Conditioning Problems

When it’s hot outside, a quality AC unit can make all the difference in the world. That is, of course, unless the AC is having issues of its own.

Whether you live in Phoenix, Arizona, or any other area where temperatures rise, keeping your AC in good working order should be a high priority. There are a few silent signs of air conditioning problems you should be watching out for so that you can get your AC fixed as soon as possible.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, keep reading to learn several AC problems you can watch out for.

1. Excessive Condensation

Air conditioning problems often present themselves in a variety of ways, and not all are recognizable. Excessive condensation is one such silent sign of air conditioning problems.

When AC unit condensate lines become clogged or fail, the air conditioner can create puddles of water outside and inside the unit. This is both a sign of poor air conditioning performance, as well as a potential health and safety hazard.

Other signs of air conditioning problems that may manifest as excessive condensation are air duct blockages, weak airflow, and improper filter changes. To avoid more serious issues from developing, regular maintenance, such as filter changes, should be conducted by a trained AC maintenance technician.

2. Warm Air Coming From Air Vents

One sign is warm air coming from air vents; this can be due to a lack of refrigerant, a dirty filter, or a clogged condensate line. Weak airflow from your vents, along with strange noises such as rattling or squealing, are indicators that something is wrong.

Your system may also cycle on and off or struggle to support a comfortable temperature. In some cases, your home’s humidity levels may be higher than normal. It’s important to pay attention to these silent signs of AC trouble for your comfort and efficiency all summer long.

3. Poor Airflow

Poor airflow is an especially subtle sign of an air conditioning issue but can have long-lasting impacts if not addressed. Low airflow will cause a decrease in cool air, which can then lead to the system having to work harder to support the desired indoor temperature.

This extra strain can lead to a complete breakdown of the air conditioning system, further complicating the issue. It is important to have your air conditioning inspected on a regular basis to avoid potential problems like poor airflow.

Regular servicing can help to find and discuss any underlying issues and ensure your air conditioning system is operating as possible. If you need help professional help in dealing with your AC problems, make sure to look for services like air conditioning perth today!

Watch Out for Air Conditioning Problems Before They Get Serious

Air conditioning issues should never be overlooked or ignored, as they can lead to expensive and extensive repairs. Check your unit to make sure it’s running smoothly and efficiently.

If you notice any silent signs of air conditioning problems, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help. Call now for expert advice and service!

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