The Best Employee Perks To Offer Your Team

For 66% of employees, the perks that come along with the job are what determines whether they choose that job or not. Each year, more and more employees are asking for greater benefits and perks to help them create a work-life balance they can look forward to.

If you’re wondering how to keep employees happy, as well as how to entice job seekers to work with your company, we’ve got the answers.

Keep reading for a list of the best employee perks.

Gym Memberships

Offering gym memberships or other exercise perks to employees can have huge benefits for both your business and the workers. Exercise can improve productivity, relieve stress, and boost mental health.

Offer gym memberships or workout perks like online workout subscriptions, an at-office gym, money for home fitness equipment, or wearable workout devices.

Unlimited Paid Time Off

Unlimited paid time off may sound like a perk that’s too good to be true, but it’s a great way to improve employee motivation. As long as employees are doing a good job and getting all of their work done well, why shouldn’t they be allowed to take as many days off as they would like?

Offering unlimited PTO helps create a healthy work-life balance and shows employees you care about their well-being.

Unique Rewards

Sometimes offering rewards or swag to employees is a very effective answer to how to boost morale. Not only do they feel valued and appreciated, but it encourages them to keep working hard.

Offer rewards for employees like gift cards to their favorite spots, tickets to a game, or even a special lunch with the boss.

Pet-Friendly Office

It’s likely that some of your employees have pets that feel just as much a part of their family as the other humans in the home.

Letting employees bring their pets into the office not only makes people happier to come to work, but pets can also offer great stress-relieving benefits, creating a calm and productive atmosphere.

Educational Opportunities

Show your employees you want to invest in their knowledge and futures by offering educational opportunities. These could be virtual trainings, in-person workshops, or full-company conferences. You might also offer to pay a portion of their continued education or student loans.

This company perk can help employees work more effectively and with greater dedication.

Home Office Stipend

If your employees work remotely, offering a stipend for them to purchase home office products is helpful. This money can go towards better desk setups or upgraded technology to make their job easier and more comfortable.

With an upgraded home office, your employees will be more focused and committed to doing a great job.

Choose the Best Employee Perks for Your Business

The best employee perks are the ones that employees look forward to using. Whether that includes rewards for employees, unlimited PTO, or options for continued education, choose perks you think your employees will benefit from most.

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