5 RV Accessories You Need To Have

Did you know that 46 million Americans say they will take an RV trip in the next 12 months?

One thing that is essential for every traveler is RV accessories. They make life on the road easier and more comfortable. They also help keep your RV in great shape and running smoothly.

We’ve compiled this list of the best RV accessories to help you stay organized and prepared while you travel.

1. First Aid Kit

This item should be a part of every vehicle. You never know when you will need a first aid kit, but it’s better to have one and not need it than not to have one.

The kit should include all the essentials, such as bandages, gauze pads, alcohol wipes, scissors, and more. Some kits also come with instructions on how to use them.


Having an RV GPS is a great way to get around when you’re on the road. If you’re going to be camping in unfamiliar areas, it’s nice to have an easy way to tell where you’re going.

You can also use an RV GPS if you want to find out what nearby attractions are available in your area. This makes it easier to plan out all of your activities before heading out on your trip.

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3. Solar Panel Kits

If you’re planning on traveling through remote areas where there aren’t any electric hookups available, it’s a good idea to get a solar panel kit installed on your RV. This is so you can still power up your devices while camping in these locations.

Solar panel kits are easy to install, so you can have them working within minutes of receiving them. They don’t take up a lot of space, either.

You just need to position them in an area where they will get plenty of sunlight during the day.

4. Power Converters/Adapters

If you own an older model RV that doesn’t have an electric outlet, you’ll need a power converter/adapter. These devices will allow you to plug your camper’s battery into an outlet so that you can charge up your RVs batteries.

You can also use these devices to power up your RVs battery when it’s not plugged into an outlet. This is a great option if you want to go on camping trips without having access to electricity.

5. Fire Extinguisher

This is one of the most essential items in any vehicle.

If your engine catches fire, a fire extinguisher can help put out the flames quickly so that you can get out of the vehicle safely. They come in different sizes and can be mounted in various places around your RV.

RV Accessories: These Are the Items You Can’t Live Without

RV accessories are a great way to add extra functionality and convenience to your RV. The more accessories you have, the easier it is for you to enjoy all the benefits of owning an RV.

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