How To Do A Proper Wig Installation At Home

Are you thinking of a wig for the first time, or have you been thinking about it for a while and aren’t sure about the best way to install one? Perhaps you might be nervous about how to get started.

It’s best to have an expert fit your first wig, especially if it’s not made for you. However, there are some things that you can do at home to make your first installation easier and less stressful.

Keep reading to learn more about how to do a proper wig installation at home.

Supplies You’ll Need

There are two types of wigs, synthetic and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are usually made from nylon or acrylic and are cheaper than human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are made from real hair, so they look and feel more natural. They are also easier to wear and come in different styles, like the Brazilian human hair wigs.

Assuming you have already purchased a wig and it is the correct size, shape, and color for your liking, you will need the following supplies to properly install your wig at home: a wig stand, wig cap, scissors, wig braid, wig glue or wig tape, and a wide-toothed comb.

Preparing Your Hair

Preparing your hair for a wig installation is just as important as the installation itself. Proper preparation will ensure that your wig lasts longer and looks better. Follows these steps for the best results.

Before washing your hair, gently detangle it with a wide-tooth comb. This will prevent your hair from becoming tangled while you wash it. Next, wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. Do not use products with harsh chemicals, as they can damage your hair and scalp.

After washing your hair, allow it to air dry or use a low-heat setting on your blow dryer. Do not brush your hair while it is wet, as this can cause breakage.

Finally, before installing your wig, use a quality wig cap to cover your hair. This will help keep your hair in place and prevent it from slipping out from under the wig.

Installing the Wig

Installing a wig can be easy and rewarding, but it’s important to do it properly to ensure a good result. Follow these steps for a proper wig installation at home.

Cut the wig to the desired length. Use wig scissors to achieve a clean, professional look. Apply wig adhesive to the wig cap, and then place the wig on the head. Start at the front of the head and work your way back.

Use the wig scissors to trim the wig if necessary. Style the wig as desired. With these simple steps, you can achieve a beautiful, professional-looking wig installation at home.

Just be patient and take your time to achieve the best results.

Wig Installation Made Easier

After reading this guide on how to do a proper wig installation at home, you should be able to do it yourself with little to no problem. Just remember to be patient, take your time, and use the proper tools and products. If you need any help or have any questions, ask someone for help.

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