“Moviekids” Is A New Word Game For Kids With Big Imaginations

Moviekids is a word game with a difference. It’s a game that lets kids explore their own imagination. There are no winning or losing in this game, just creativity!

What is a word game?

“Moviekids” is a word game for kids with big imaginations. The object of the game is to find words that are related to movie scenes. For example, if you see a scene in a movie where someone is eating popcorn, you might try to guess the word “popcorn.” If you see a scene in a movie where someone is drinking juice, you might try to guess the word “juice.” The game is fun and challenging, and it can be played anywhere – at home, on a trip, or even while waiting in line at the movies.

How to play moviekids

If you’re looking for a fun word game that will keep your kids entertained, Moviekids is the perfect option. The game is simple to play and can be enjoyed by both young and old alike. Simply place a movie character on the board, and players must use all their imagination to come up with creative words relating to the movie. For example, if you place Tom Hanks in the game, players might say things like “Hanksy” or “Larry Crowne.” The more creative the words are, the better! If you’re feeling competitive, try to get your teammates to beat your score. You won’t regret giving Moviekids a try!

The rules of how to play this word game moviekids

  1. What is Moviekids?
    Moviekids is a new word game for kids with big imaginations. It’s like a cross between Scrabble and Jenga, but with more movie references. The object of the game is to build words using all the letter tiles in your hand, and then try to make words that start with the same letter as the one you just built. So if you build the word “Star”, you can try to make words like “Start” or “Stars”.
  2. How do I play Moviekids?
    To play Moviekids, you first need a set of tiles that look like this:
    Each tile has a different movie character on it (like Darth Vader or Winnie The Pooh), and there are also normal letters scattered throughout the set. You will also need some sort of timer, because playing Moviekids can take awhile!

Examples of words that can be made with the words in the game

Moviekids” is a new word game for kids with big imaginations. The goal of the game is to make as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Players can choose to play solo, or team up with a friend to see who can create the most words in a given time limit.

Some of the words that players can make include: movie, star, blockbuster, and film. There are also bonus words included for players who get creative and come up with unique combinations. For example, one player might create “blockbuster film” while another might come up with “horror movie star.”

The best part of Moviekids is that it’s easy enough for younger kids to play on their own, but difficult enough that older siblings and parents won’t be able to beat them easily. Plus, because it’s a word game, it’s something that can be played anytime, anywhere – perfect for when there’s time constraints or when boredom strikes.”


Do you have a big imagination? If so, you’ll love “Moviekids,” a new word game that is perfect for kids with lots of creative energy. In this game, players are tasked with creating stories using certain movie characters and setting them in different scenes. It’s an exciting way to use your imagination and learn about the different films that are popular among children today. Try out “Moviekids” now and see how well you do!

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