5 Tips To Help Make Professional Corporate Videos

Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. This is why so many companies now incorporate video into their corporate communications.

The problem comes in when these corporate videos don’t get the same attention as digital marketing content does! Don’t drop the quality of your videos just because you’re communicating with people in your company rather than customers.

For your corporate videos to be effective, they’ve got to be good. Keep reading to learn five tips on how to make professional corporate videos!

1. Keep It Simple

Apply your video marketing tactics to your corporate videos too. You want to make sure there isn’t an overwhelming amount of information in the videos.

You also want them to be engaging and interesting. The best way to do this is to keep it simple. Shorter videos are less likely to be abandoned.

2. Hire Video Editors

While you should take a similar approach to the content of your videos for both customers and employees, the styles of the videos are very different. And while your in-house video editors are prioritizing the marketing media content, you don’t want your corporate videos to lose attention.

This is why hiring video editing services specifically for your corporate videos is a great option. Since you don’t have as many of these videos, it’s a relatively small cost to outsource. And it’s the cost-effective choice when you consider how much time it’ll save for your in-house team.

3. Plan Out Stories

Find stories that will engage your staff. Think about what you want and plan ahead. Some stories will be more lighthearted and funny, others might be more serious and emotional, and some might be more informational.

It’s important to understand how you’ll rotate between these, and how your formats will change with each story. Create schedules and recognize the themes and purpose of your stories so that you don’t have too much of the same thing back-to-back.

4. Consider the Background

It’s a small thing, but the background can often make or break the shot. Unless you’re in a studio, clear backgrounds are hard to come by. And even if you do find them, they’re usually jarring.

Striking the balance between an interesting background and something that doesn’t distract from the person is ideal. It’s best to avoid people in the background since their movement is often too distracting.

5. Invest in the Right Equipment

Production value is important. Make sure you’ve got good-quality cameras and sound equipment whenever you’re getting content for these videos. It doesn’t need to look like a Hollywood production, but it’s got to be professional.

Lighting and sound quality are often the most noticeable factors in a video, so make sure those are good. You’ll also want the camera steady so the footage is stable.

Upgrade Your Professional Corporate Videos

If you use these tips and tricks, you’re going to take your professional corporate videos to the next level! All it takes is a few tweaks to your current system and some good planning.

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