The Pros And Cons Of Using Bail Bonds

When someone you love is in jail – you will need to post bail bonds in order to get them out of jail. This release from the jail by posting bail bonds is a temporary release until the date of the court hearing. The amount of bail is usually kept quite high by the government. Not everyone is able to afford to pay the amount of bail.

Also, reaching out to friends and relatives can delay the process and you’ll have to spend time in jail. And, this is where the importance of bail bonds provided by bondsmen comes into play. In this blog post, we will look at the pros and cons of bail bonds.

Pros of Bail Bonds

Payment Options

The chief advantage of using bail bonds is that you have a payment option available to you. The top reason anyone gets in a situation to use a bail bond is when they do not afford to pay the bail. Instead of letting a dear one stay inside the jail for days, you can hire bail bonds service to get the exact amount of bail you need. 

In return, you are supposed to pay 10% of the total amount of bail to the bail bondsman. Another advantage is that you can pay off the bail amount in small-sized increments. This saves you from the time-taking hassle of pooling and saving up enough money.

A Cheap Way

Apart from the offering of payment, the good thing about bail bonds is that they are cheaper than cash bail. This is because the bail bondsman is someone who is responsible for bringing the money for bail. Rather than having to pay the full amount of bail, you will only pay a portion of the bail to the bondsman – which is basically the fee they charge. As mentioned above, this fee is 10%.

Available at All Times

Another thing that makes bail bonds a good option is that the bail bondsmen are available for service at all times. Most bail bond services make sure that their agents are available 24/7. This is to say that you do not have to let someone dear spend their night in jail. The 24/7 availability makes bail bond services a far better option than banks that open in the morning or relatives who would be asleep at night.

Cons of Bail Bonds


Apart from the benefits, there are also demerits of accessing a bail bond service. And the biggest drawback is that all of your money does not come back. On the flip side, when you pay the bail yourself, you get all the money in return. But, when you hire a bondsman, you have to pay them a fee which is 10% of the total amount of bail. You basically have to give away the 10th portion of the bail amount to the agent of the bail bond service. It is therefore advised that you decide whether you want to pay the whole bail amount or access the services of a bail bondsman. 

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