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Good Roof Ventilation: Why Is It Important to Your Home?

The roof is exposed to everything it can get exposed to. Being the covering of a building, it has something to say in many conditions faced by the house. With that being said, the temperature of a house is highly influenced or driven by roof ventilation. During summer, the heat of the sun enters indoors. During winter, indoors warm the air in the attic. Roof ventilation aims the temperatures to be compatible with the state outdoors. 

Why is it very important for a house to have good roof ventilation? Here are 5 reasons why. 

1 – Good roof ventilation keeps you cool or less warm indoors compared to outdoors.

Whatever the weather is, you need protection. You need a shield and defense against all kinds of weather and all natural elements that every kind brings. When it’s summer, expect that it is hot at home. When it’s winter, expect that it is cold at home. There’s no escape since you are where you are. Well, that is unless you go to the mall, where the centralized air conditioning system gives you a breather, in a way. Nevertheless, good roof ventilation can save you from the harsh and hassle-ridden effects of weather extremes.

With good roof ventilation, your indoors are cooler or less warm compared to outdoors during summer. Yes, summer to be very specific because summer gives people a different kind of discomfort and exasperation, in comparison to winter and cold weather. 

If your roof has efficient ventilation, you will not be as sweaty as you usually are when staying at home. You will not always rant and say you want to leave your tropical country because it’s so hot in it. Good roof ventilation makes a big, big difference! 

2 – It allows you to cut energy costs. 

Everything has become more and more expensive these days. The prices of oil, meat, fish, other kinds of food, clothing and transportation fare are all going up! Electricity, which is used on a daily basis and consumed in incalculable sizes, is getting pricier as well. It’s sad but true. 

Good roof ventilation helps and allows you to cut energy costs. Because it’s not as hot inside as it is outside or as it usually is, you will no longer turn on all the electric fans or the air conditioning unit at home. You can lessen the usage of air-supplying appliances, thus reduce the numbers written on your electricity bills.

3 – Good roof ventilation prevents the damaging effects of ice damming. 

For countries with the winter season, ice damming is a common problem in many houses. Ice damming happens when frozen water gets collected in the roof gutters, keeping the melted snow stuck up there. This occurs as the roof’s surface moves from warm to cold.

When you have good roof ventilation, you can prevent ice damming and its damaging effects on houses and on lives. Your home’s foundation will be safeguarded against possible structural damages that can destroy living and harms lives. It can also forbid shingles from getting loose or broken, gutters from tearing off, paint from peeling, ceilings from drooping. 

4 – It eliminates mold and bacteria buildup.

Proper roof ventilation paves the way for proper air flow from the roof to other parts of your home. It aids in prohibiting damp air from getting confined indoors and causing the growth of mold. With good circulation of air, humidity is reduced and wet portions of the house can dry in no time. When moisture is decreased or depleted, mold will not grow in it and will not spread through the roof, the attic and to every part of your dwelling. 

5 – Good roof ventilation extends roof life.

Last but surely one of the biggest reasons why good roof ventilation is crucial to houses is that it extends roof life. Because it interrupts the possibilities and causes of roof problems that need serious roof repairs, the roof seldom experiences grave damages, and its life is lengthened even more. 



Good roof ventilation is not just an option; it’s an essential. Homes are made safer. Lives are made better.  


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Young & Co Roofing Manchester, an excellent roofing and cladding company in Greater Manchester. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s


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