Five simple ways to clean yourself at the end of your lease

Cleaning is therapeutic until it is end of lease cleaning. There are a lot of things that go through our heads while moving. Whether it is cleaning, safely moving our essentials, or getting settled in a new place, all these things become the reasons for our stress.

Considering the increased demand for end-of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne, many cleaning companies have emerged. But due to increased demand, some may charge a hefty amount for their services. If things are going out of your budget, then you can conduct a proficient clean yourself by following these steps:

1)   Setting a Chronological Order

The first step is to sort things out by drawing a step-by-step outline. You can make a chronological bond cleaning list by categorising things as such: lease

A)   Making a checklist –

It is important to sort things out in advance by making a checklist first. The checklist should define parameters like things to be decluttered, what rooms to target first, what solutions and tools to gather first, etc.

Once you sort these things out, your sailing ahead becomes smooth.

  • Empty your furniture.
  • Scrutinize the list of things to be given to charity or to be sold.
  • Start cleaning, room by room.
  • Keeping the tools ready- Gather the equipment as per the requirements.

2)   The Laundry Room and the Bathroom

The areas that need a thorough cleaning are the bathroom and laundry area. It needs proper disinfecting and cleaning. Start with this area since you may also need plumbers to unclog the pipes. So, start with that to sort things out quickly. Things to keep in mind while conducting proficient bathroom or laundry cleaning at the time of the end of lease cleaning.

A.    Stainless Steal

The entire look of the washroom is robbed if the steel has stains of fingerprints or watermarks. These stains become stubborn because they are added daily. To fix this up, you can use “mineral oil” to remove them. Take a few drops of “mineral oil” on a cloth and wipe off the stain.

B.    Mineral Deposits

If there are mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures, avoid cleaning them with bristle brushes or pads. That will only put scratches on them. Instead, pour some vinegar on and wipe it off with a cloth.

C.     Mold in the Bathroom

The water that is not well ventilated remains on the walls after bathing. It results in the accumulation of molds on the walls. It can be removed by using hydrogen peroxide. Spray it on the affected area and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. It will also help in getting away with the fungal infection from all the areas.

3)   Kitchen Cleaning

A kitchen is the place that is most prone to stains. There are stains of oil and grease that are stubborn. First, manually remove all the crumbs from the drawers and every corner and wipe them off with a dry cloth. Clean the dishwasher filter and check the soap tray. As such, focus on every little detail.

A.    Microwave clean

We usually do not give a damn about the baking stains inside the microwave. These sticky baking stains are difficult to remove. We cannot take a chance of using soaps or detergents to get rid of it. So you can check out this tried and tested trick-

  1. Take a cup full of water
  2. Heat it up in the microwave till it comes to a boil
  3. Let it stay in the microwave
  4. After a while, open the door of the microwave
  5. You will observe that, due to the moisture inside, the stains get softened
  6. Stains on all the sides of the microwave are soft now due to the moisture that is created inside
  7. Now use a damp cloth and remove these stains

B.    Kitchen Grease

Due to repeated oil spills and food particles getting accumulated on the areas like the gas stove and near the gas stove, grease gets stuck on these areas. To remove these sticky grease stains, you may use a dish-washing detergent to cut through the stains.

If this doesn’t work, then use the baking soda hack. Take a gallon of warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda. Just as we do a patch test for any new make-up product on our faces, we conduct it here too. In an inconspicuous area, apply this solution and wipe it off with a clean lease. Check that the colour does not fade away. Rinse it off with warm water and a clean cloth. If it works, use this hack on the affected areas.

If it does not work, use a detergent with orange oil extract in it to remove the greasy stain.

4)   Bedroom or Living Room

Apart from day-to-day dusting, there is a lot of smart work that is required to conduct proficient cleaning. Here are a few tricks to always keep in mind:

A.    Top to Bottom

Always clean from head to toe. If you mop the floor first and then the fans, the dust will again make the floor shabby. Thus, start cleaning from top to bottom.

B.    Vacuum Clean

Use vacuum cleaners with strong sucking filters to get rid of all the pet hair which are otherwise get missed.

C.     Sparkling Windows

If your windows are sparkling, you win half the game. You can use a mixture of alcohol and vinegar to clean the glass or window. You can also use dish soap and water and wipe it with a clean cloth. Use a squeegee to wipe it off from top to bottom.

D.    Carpet Cleaning

As most of the areas in the house are covered with carpet, it should be all clean and tidy. You can use the baking soda hack, steam carpet cleaning, or powerful vacuum cleaning to get that flawless carpet cleaning.

5)   Outdoor Areas

Half of the job is done by the inspection personnel while they walk in and observe the minute details of the outdoor area. Here is a checklist for your outdoor details:

A.    Driveway

There is a chance of oil spills in that area. Clean up all the oil spins.

B.    Garage

It is time to clean up the cobwebs, dust, and oil spills that you have been avoiding for a long time.

C.     Swimming Pools and Spa Area

Do not forget to remove the debris from the pool and spa area.

D.    Bins

Wash and dry your bins properly.

So, these are some of the tips that will assist you in performing an effective end of lease cleaning. I hope you are all set to efficiently do your move-out cleaning and are no longer worried about the cleaning hassle.


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