Don’t Missy these Pranks on your Sissy

Sisters are absolute goofballs in our lives. They’re playful, naughty, funny, also, sensible, emotional, understanding, supportive, caring, loving, and concerned. Sisters are your twin souls, and they are. They’d understand what’s going on in your head or your heart in a blink. Isn’t that the magic of a connection shared by a heart with another heart? Sisters are best friends that are blood-related. Sisters are helpful effortlessly, their presence is itself the greatest help for everything that’s come your way, and you should cherish her presence every time you get a chance. Pranks her by giving her gifts, making her smile, being with her, and appreciating her regularly.

It’s not only about gifts, to be honest, but online shopping sites and applications are also full of the stuff of all sorts that can be given to your sister by you as a gift, be it flowers, clothes, accessories, gadgets, and whatnot, you can even do online rakhi shopping these days on these sites and applications because they’re as convenient as they could be in every way possible. Physical distances have become shorter because of these sites as now you can send gifts to your sister from miles apart right at her doorstep. Your love would take no time to reach her wrapped in colorful boxes through these sites. 

Be it online gift delivery or be it you giving her gifts personally, anything you do for her will surely make her feel special about herself. She’ll feel loved by you, valued by you, appreciated by you, and cared for by you plus, it’s her right to get all these amazing gifts from her sibling. Well, the bond you share with your sister is indeed lovely, full of emotions, simple and sweet, but never let that salty side go, the salty side as in the funny side, the side where you could laugh your lungs out with her, and there are certain ways to keep that side of your relationship alive with your sister, one of them is playing pranks on her, and that too at home, random pranks are so much fun, it exudes happiness, laughter, and everything great.

  1. Will to Spill: Tell your sister that you know a trick wherein you can balance a full glass of water on the back of your hands, bet her some money so that it looks serious, and challenge her if she can do the same. She’ll say yes because come on, who doesn’t need the money after such an easy challenge which she’s sure to be able to do? It will seem to her like a clear win. Place the glass of water on her hands, and see if she can balance it too. The moment she started balancing it in the back of her hands, she walked out of there. You could make faces at her and funnily annoy her, and there would be no choice with her except to spill the water in the glass or drop the glass to run after you for an act of sweet revenge. It would be fun for sure.
  1. Soap Sorry: Coat your sister’s soap with clear nail polish. A soap that has a coating of clear nail polish doesn’t make lather at all. Let your sister go in for a shower, wash her hands, or wash her face. Let her go crazy thinking what could go wrong with the soap as there’s no lather to be seen no matter how much she rubs it. It would irritate her but also make her laugh once she knew that it was a prank that you played on her. Make sure you keep a new bar of soap somewhere in the washroom so that she can throw away the nail-paint coated soap and use the genuine one. Pranking is good, but causing the loss of someone’s time is not.
  1. Think and Drink: Take a glass of water and put a few drops of food coloring in it to look like juice. Orange food color would make the water look like orange juice, and pink would make it look like cranberry, etc. Give this glass of colored water to your sister, add some mint leaves and ice cubes to it, or place a slice of lemon on the edge of the glass, making it look like a fancy drink you made, especially for your sister. Watch her reactions as soon as she takes the first sip of the drink because it would turn out the exact opposite of what she would have assumed after looking at it all decorated and pretty. Her reactions and expressions would be hilarious to watch for sure.
  1. Sick Biscuit: Take a pack of white cream biscuits. There are a bunch of them attainable in the store. Take one or two from the top and replace their white cream with toothpaste. The white toothpaste is just like that cream. Don’t put more of it as it would make the two upper and lower parts of the biscuit slip, don’t put less so that it doesn’t show in the middle of the two biscuits, and make sure the toothpaste is put in a proportionate quantity. Take an original biscuit from the pack, and while eating it, ask your sister if she wants to have some, place the toothpaste biscuits on the top, let her pick one, and have a bite. The comedy show would begin as soon as she takes a bite. Don’t forget to make up to her with an entire pack of genuine white cream biscuits later. 

Pranks are a lot of fun; harmless pranks take the fun a hundred notches higher, and pranking your sister is one of the funniest things to do. Her reactions, expressions, and actions would be worth the hard work you put behind organizing these pranks.


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