What is Animated Video and How It Works for Business?

Animations consist of mostly one image, one sound, and some effects such as box shadows or various filters. A lot of animated video is actually Flash animation. You’ve been able to create Flash animations for a while, but how is it different from other formats, such as Flash animations?

Before you can create an animated video, you have to determine what sort of video you’re going to create. Animated GIFs are a newer format for showing a continuous image. With animated GIFs you need to download and save the file as a PNG, which is a compressed vector graphic image file. To animate a video on the web, you will need to create an MP4 file, which is the file format supported by most web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

The most common way to create an animated GIF is to use an editor or hire experts, who are offering animated video creation service. To create an animated MP4, you can also use free or pro software. There are also some free programs out there that you can use like Macromedia Director and Adobe Dreamweaver to make an animated movie on the computer.

How can I make an animated GIF?

Before you get to work creating your animation, you will need to learn a little about how to make an animated GIF. To create an animated GIF, you need to have the file format support. For the animated GIF to be an actual animated movie file, you will need to make sure the length of the file doesn’t exceed 25MB.

There are a few different ways to make an animated GIF on your own. You can use an editor like AOV Maker or Animatron, download a file from a source, or you can use a free online service that can generate the animated GIF for you. I’ve created a gallery that shows some of the websites that are out there that can create an animated video with a minimal amount of effort.

If you want to create something really simple, you can always create a static image that you can just fade in and out.

How can I make an animated video without Flash?

Although many movies are made with Flash, you can actually create an animated video using any program that supports the mp4 file format, including AOV Maker and Animatron. You will need to learn a little bit about how to use these programs and what formats are supported.

The format that we need for animated videos is actually called the Motion Graphics System (MGS). When you create an MGS file, you must place the video on a DVD and insert that into the DVD drive of a computer. This DVD should be formatted as a memory disk. You will need to have either Quicktime Player or some other compatible program to make this happen.

Adding effects to your videos

In order to add more of the effects to your video, you will need to create some additional files. The animation programs are more flexible than the movie-making software, but in the end, you will still need to make sure you place your videos in the same directory.

The most important thing is to have the same directory structure as your movies.

Some common add-ons that I use in my animated video videos are the following:

Each video will usually have a different effect. But, in the end, you will need to have some of the same effects in your movie files.

You can find more information about using the MGS in this documentation page of the Apple Developer Center.

Apple has a site called Getting Started with Motion Graphics for this program.

Making the animated video

Once you’ve added all of the motion graphics that you want to the movies you created in the previous section, you can add them to the animation program.

It’s best to put all of the files you created in the previous section in one folder, which will be named with the same name as your movie. That way, you can easily create the animation files when you open the movie editor.

You can find information about the different animation types you can use in AOV Maker in this documentation page of the Apple Developer Center.

Adding sound

Once you’ve created your video and added the motion graphics, it’s time to add some sound.

You can’t use any sound from iTunes, or Apple Music. Instead, you will need to create all of your sound files and place them into a folder that is named with the same name as your movie.

You can find more information about making sound effects in the MGS documentation on Apple’s site.

Adding subtitles

Once you have everything in the right place, you can make the subtitles to go with the movie.

To start, you need to create a few files and place them into the same directory as your movies.

You can find information about using the subtitle formats in the MGS documentation on Apple’s site.

Apple has a quick start guide for creating subtitles for MGS-based movies.

I’ll leave you with a couple of quick tips for creating your movie subtitles:

Avoid using common formats for subtitles such as MP4. MP4 is supported by AOV Maker and Animatron, but not by many other programs. Because it’s not used by other programs, MGS subtitle files are not created by the programs that generate them. AOV Maker will not generate the subtitles for your movie if it generates files that are not located in the correct location. You should create your subtitles at the same directory as your movies. This will make it easier to have both sets of subtitles at the same location in the project.


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