Leesa Fazal Asserts That Retirement Planning Is a Family Matter

Planning for retirement is a life goal that many people ignore completely. Leesa Fazal stresses that not only should people plan their financial matters for the time when they are no longer working, they should include their families in the process as well. For individuals who have dependents, their close loved ones need to be consulted and if required, a certain percentage must be dedicated to them. A person’s significant other is especially important to involve in retirement planning discussion.

Here are all the reasons why financial planning for retirement should always involve family members and spouses in particular.

There is Great Value in Transparency, According to Leesa Fazal 

Retirement is a time when many changes occur in family dynamics. This is the part of your life where it has to be decided who supports whom and how things will change once the current breadwinner stops earning. As you start a new phase in life, the fact that you’ve discussed retirement and future finances with the family allows a smoother transition for all. Keeping your family and especially your spouse in the loop can lead to consensus and more beneficial decisions as per Leesa Fazal 

Children and Other Loved Ones Can Prepare For Change

Retirement is not the chapter that you have to embrace alone. As you plan for retirement, your family will have to as well. This is why it is better to start early. Many people who don’t have a retirement plan or low salaries which don’t allow significant savings will have to forego certain expenses like education or healthcare for family members. It is best to inform people about this beforehand so that people can make the necessary arrangements.

Addressing Inheritance is Important, Leesa Fazal Notes 

Letting your children and grandchildren know if they can expect anything in terms of inheritance is a great thing. Leesa Fazal Las Vegas believes that it is their right to know this information so that they can prepare for situations that might arise in the future. The issue of inheritance is also important because it can help them with tax planning. And you can feel more confidence in your own financial plan if your family has everything they need to update it on a regular basis.

Your Loved Ones Need to Plan Their Financial Future as well

As a family, people share a lot of what happens throughout life. From sorrow to joy, from finances to household chores. It is therefore crucial that your spouse, children and other relevant family members be involved when retirement planning is discussed. Bringing them into the deliberation allows the family to share another aspect of life, i.e., the financial future of the household. It is best that they are not caught off guard when things begin to change after your retirement.


Leesa Fazal explains that humans are social animals, which means that they are meant to live in communities and do things together. Retirement planning being a substantial part of any family’s life should also be a collaborative effort as it bears more fruit this way.


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