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Melbourne is a densely inhabited, second-most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Being a cultural hub, the inhabitants of Melbourne are urbanized and connected to the rest of the world through internet connections. However, finding fast internet is no easy task, especially considering the struggle faced by NBC (National Broadband Connection) to provide good internet facilities; but since for many households NBC is the source of the fastest and most reliable internet,

we, therefore, in order to guide you through these connections, have compiled a list of fastest working internet connections in Melbourne with their detailed service plans for you.  Looking For Web and Mobile App Development Services in Melbourne
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AT&T Internet, formerly U-verse Internet, is a reliable internet connection that offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps, with DSL and Fiber connections. They offer multiple plans so you can choose the best speed for your online activities. All Wi-Fi plans at AT&T come with a Wi-Fi gateway which is a steady wireless signal at home with the added benefits of internet access when you’re out and about. AT&T also provides an internet security suite for safe surfing.

If you plan to purchase bundle offers such as internet connection with TV and Home Phone services, you can also enjoy prices as low as $40/per month. Unlimited data allowance can also be purchased separately for an additional $30/month or maintain a bundle of TV & Internet on a combined bill and receive unlimited internet data ($30 value) at no additional charge.

AT&T also provides easy access to all customer services on their website such as getting help managing your Internet service and account, learning about Internet and Wi-Fi connections, tools, and security, getting details on your order and upcoming installation, getting help troubleshooting your Wi-Fi gateway and Internet service, and learning how to find and change settings for your Wi-Fi gateway. Hence, with AT&T you will get high-value service with good internet speed.


Xfinity Internet from Comcast delivers the fastest in-home cable Wi-Fi service. They offer up to seven-speed tiers to suit your needs with starting prices as low as $29.99, and up to 250-350 Mbps download speed. Xfinity provides you with a top-rated Norton™ Security Suite that helps protect against identity theft, online viruses, etc. With Xfinity, you can enjoy everything the web has to offer, including downloading HD movies, uploading photos, streaming TV shows, or simply surfing for fun in and outside the house with the service of Xfinity hotspots all over the city.

Xfinity has a data cap of 1,000 GB per month, it is way higher than most providers. You’ll get that huge data allowance on any Xfinity internet plan but if you do happen to reach that enormous data allowance, each additional 50 GB is only $10 per month more.

You can also opt-out to add an unlimited data plan for $50 per month more. Xfinity bundles get you the best Xfinity internet prices. By adding a home phone and TV to your Internet package, you’ll get unique phone features, like a Caller ID on your television. Xfinity also gives you the ultimate control of your home WiFi network with easy-to-use tools across your mobile device, laptop, and Xfinity X1. To find out more about their


Spectrum is an internet facility that provides internet connection via cable with their download speed being up to 100 Mbps with a price as low as $44.99/month for 12 months. Spectrum provides free Modem and antivirus services for cyber security and access to thousands of WiFi hotspots nationwide. Spectrum is a convenient and affordable option for you if you plan on streaming HD movies, playing online games, and having multiple devices on the same internet connection without experiencing lag. Unlike other broadband internet connections, Spectrum doesn’t believe in tying you down; when you sign up for Spectrum Internet, you won’t be signing up for any annual contracts.

Spectrum bundles offer prices for TV, Internet, and Voice as low as $29.99/month according to their official website. If you’re looking for an internet connection with no data caps then Spectrum is the Internet provider for you.


Viasat is an efficient and reliable service provider with satellite connection, excellent Wi-Fi coverage, up to 30 Mbps download speed, and a price as low as $49.99/month. Viasat provides services for home internet, business internet, defense and security, and aviation services as well.

Viasat provides download speeds that you need for streaming, shopping, surfing, and beyond. Viasat also provides a 2-Year price lock guarantee, professional installation, no cable or DSL coverage necessary. Most Viasat plans provide you with free modem services. 

Viasat offers to save $10/month for 6 months if you add Viasat Voice to your subscription. With Viasat stream more of your favorite entertainment, discover affordable plan options to fit your needs, say no to slow with super-fast speeds, and help your business work smarter. Hence, if you’re looking for an internet service that is widely available then Viasat is for you.

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