Rick and Morty Take Down Rick and Birdperson’s

The Smiths are confronted by a crucial question in the latest episode Rick and Morty: Where did Birdperson come from? The answer is right here.

In the middle of season one of Rick and Morty we were treated to a bizarre glimpse into the lives of Rick and Morty’s characters. Rickperson and Birdperson, as children, played together at the Citadel of Ricks. This scene shows Birdperson pretending to be a bird-person while Birdperson is clearly acting as a woman.

Rick and Birdperson danced together in the Season 5 premiere episode of Rick and Morty. Birdperson is still a member the Bird People, an ancient race of sentient birds. Rick and Morty consider Birdperson to be a special part of their family tree. In the latest episode of Rick and Morty, we learn more about Birdperson’s origins and how the Bird People came to be.

Season 5’s newest episode saw Rick and Morty cover a lot of ground! The fifth season of the show is nearing its end. This episode was the eighth of 10 planned episodes for Adult Swim’s current season. Although the episodes were separated from each other and the entire Enjoyed Sports canon of the four previous seasons, the eighth episode is a significant canonical return.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 8 is titled “Rickternal Friendshine for the Spotless Mort”. It begins with Rick reflecting upon some of his past choices and ends with Birdperson’s reappearance after Rick’s fight with him in the Season 4 finale. This episode is only the beginning of a crazy season. You can see the complete episode breakdown below.

Rick decides to stay at home while the Smith family takes a cruise. As he walks into the garage, he prepared to deal with the broken Birdperson/Phoenixperson he’s kept in there since the fourth season’s conclusion. Rick calls this “Best Friend Rejuvenation”, and although he doesn’t like the term, he can’t imagine a better alternative.

Birdperson’s body was reconstructed by Rick, but it’s not complete because Birdperson’s mind is missing. Rick discovers Birdperson’s conscious consciousness within his unconscious and decides to connect directly to him. Rick enters Birdperson’s head and experiences a strange scenario that leads him to the place where they first met. Rick offered Rick drugs at a Burning Man-style gathering.

The two of them are then seen together on a mission where Rick kills other Ricks to “bring back” his wife. His younger self, who is 35, finds a memory of Rick and his older self. He realizes that his older self is just a mixture of Birdperson’s memories. Birdperson later sobs over a memory of a date that he had previously with Tammy.

Rick’s younger self is keen to work alongside him. However, neither knows if Rick’s memory will be damaged or killed. Rick and Birdperson are both dead and Rick’s garage computer is trying to find a neighboring friend to be their new buddy. Rick and his younger self disagree, and Rick soon discovers that Birdperson is Phoenixperson in his repressed memories.

Birdperson is found in his head and he begins to prepare to explode it all. His mind then starts to fracture and torment as the explosions burst. Rick’s younger self refers to this as the “Fight of Blood Ridge” and the Ricks flee. This was the battle Rick and Birdperson fought to stop the Galactic Federation.

Rick and Birdperson soon show that the fight is over. They work together to destroy the rest of the federation. Rick wanted to take Birdperson from the fight and inform him of the multiverse. But Birdperson refused, despite Rick’s assurances about how much he cares about Birdperson. Rick, the elder Rick, explains to Rick that he is doing everything for Birdperson.

Birdperson has a recollection about Tammy and is quickly discovered by Ricks. However, he refuses leave because he and Rick know that Tammy had a child. Birdperson decides to live and goes to Rick’s memory vault. There they try to re-enter through shared painful memories like “Gear Dude’s burial” or “stand up phase”.

They return quickly, but Rick, the younger memory sacrifices his life to save them from Tammy, an evil memory. Birdperson and Rick say goodbye to Tammy, their fond memories. He thanks Rick for keeping him going. Birdperson ultimately chooses to have his child. Rick asks Birdperson if he would have told him about the child if there were a chance Birdperson might lose their sanity.

The episode ends when Rick’s younger recollection forms vanish into Rick’s memory. Tammy and Birdperson’s child are found to be aggressively incarcerated in a federal jail.

What did you think about Rick and Morty’s latest episode? It explored the origins Rick and Birdperson. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Did Study Sports you see the Rick and Morty episode that gave an incredible backstory about the origins of two characters? Most fans would describe it as “not as great as the other episodes”. It was, however, one of my favorite episodes and an entertaining watch. We now have the complete backstory of one of the characters from “Rick and Morty” thanks to a new episode.


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