How does Handicap Betting work in Rugby?

Handicap betting is when one team is given a disadvantage they must overcome before the game begins. Online bookmakers often handicap (Rugby League betting) the team they think will win so they are at a disadvantage to their opponent. This is a way to level the playing field. It is important to have a good understanding of handicap betting before you can start using (rugby betting odds).

Here’s how Handicap Betting in Rugby Works

This often means giving the underdog team an edge by giving Daily Sports Study them more points and the favorites less. The handicap is determined by how large the points gap is. Handicap betting, also known as line, spread, or points betting, is an option that bookmakers make available to spice up a match where the final outcome is all but known, such as those found at

To make it even more clear, let us give you an example. Let’s say that New Zealand is taking on Italy in a Rugby Autumn International match. They have given the Kiwis an advantage of -15 points. To win your bet, New Zealand must win the match by at most 16 points. If they win by 15 point, the match will be deemed a draw and you will lose your wager.

Handicap Betting Odds

When you look for handicap odds on Rugby Union (or (Rugby League) betting sites), the numbers are +1, +2,+3, +4, +5, and -1, 2-3, -3, 4-8, -5. The positive number will go to the underdog, while the negative number will go to the favorite.

If handicap betting odds include a suffix of.5, it means that an Asian Handicap has been added to them. This indicates that there is no chance of a draw. A team with a handicap of -3.5 must win the match by at most 4 points. They can lose by as much as three points, but technically they are still half a point ahead of their opponents.

How to place a handicap bet

You might be wondering how to place a handicap wager if you’ve never done so before. You will be glad to know that placing a handicap bet is very easy and shouldn’t take too much time. Below is a description of the process:

  1. Sign in to your account at your favorite sports betting site. Go to the section for rugby betting.
  2. Select a game you like and click on it. You will be taken to a page that displays the different markets available.
  3. Scroll down until you see the handicap betting options. Select the handicap you prefer and it will be automatically added to your betting slip.
  4. Next, decide how much money to bet on this outcome and add that number to your stake box.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your choices, click “Submit Bet”. You will be able to place your first handicap bet.

Rugby Handicap Strategies You Can Use

It is important to understand how handicap betting works. You can also learn about the different bets you can use when betting on rugby. However, it is more profitable to know some good strategies. We have provided some tips to help you make smarter handicap bets on (Rugby Union betting app) or your favorite bookmaker website.

Learn from the Teams

Different teams will have different strategies and playing styles. Some teams will strive to win by scoring more points, while others will score more penalties. You can bet on the team known for scoring more tries. They have better odds and will likely score many points in the match.

Bookies can help you

We have a great tip for handicap betting. This applies to any sport, Rugby League or Rugby Union. Make sure to use the stats your bookmaker offers. Focus on the average scoring for a match between your home team and their opponent.

Make your own prediction

Take a look at the handicap betting options before the match begins. Next, think about what you believe will be the outcome. You can place your bet if you believe your Best Soccer Top beliefs align with the handicap options provided by the bookie.

Handicap betting: Advantages and disadvantages

We will be looking at the main benefits and drawbacks of handicap betting.


The bookmakers have to assess both teams and determine the handicap the underdog team should have. This is often done by looking at the recent matches between both teams, their form, missing players and whether they have home advantage. After taking all these factors into consideration, they will determine the handicap odds. While bookmakers will most often offer the correct handicap betting odds for handicapping, they may not always be right. You can profit from slight advantages that one team may have.

Another advantage to handicap betting is its entertainment value and entertainment. Many rugby fans won’t enjoy watching one team win ten tries more than another, so they will likely watch something else. But, those who wager $20 on the favorite to win with a handicap of -30 will enjoy a lot.

While handicap betting has its advantages, there are two factors that could stop some punters placing such a wager.

It is easy to let your emotions rule your decisions when you place money on your favorite rugby team. You will lose a lot of money if you gamble with your emotions. To avoid losing a lot of money, handicap betting should not be placed on a team you love.

Another disadvantage is that handicap betting is not available in all sports. It is only available for team sports. You won’t find handicap betting markets if you are looking to bet on boxing or cycling.


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