Health Safety and Environmental Policies in Construction Project?

Health and safety in Construction Project are safety aspects that should not be ignored, as there are many accidents at construction sites around the world. The construction industry has a high case fatality rate and is considered one of the most dangerous industries. The main causes of accidents in the construction industry are falling from heights, collisions with moving machines, confinement from rotating wheels, electrocution/electrocution, collapse due to excavation, choking in closed spaces, slipping, There are trips, drops, etc.

While compliance with health and safety regulations may be the first reason to improve construction safety, prioritizing construction safety has many other benefits, including B. Reduce security risks and the number of incidents. This is very important because security risks and incidents can damage a company’s reputation with industry professionals and regulators and incur enormous financial costs to the company.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) means one or more departments within a company that is responsible for occupational health and safety regulations and compliance and protection, and the protection of the environment. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is also known as Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) or Safety, Health and Environment (SHE).

The health, safety, and environmental sectors are generally responsible for two purposes in construction project management

 Avoidance of all accidents and accidents that may result from abnormal operating conditions

 Reducing the adverse effects that can result from normal operating conditions in construction project management in quality control in construction

 Dealing with fires, explosions, and pollutants in the work environment is an example of a first goal. Reducing a company’s carbon dioxide emissions and environmental impact is an example of a second goal. In both goals, incorporating regulatory requirements into an organization’s written policy plays an important role in developing policies that meet the needs of the organization while complying with state and federal regulations.

Teknobuilt recognizes that health, safety, environmental issues, and community responsibilities are all integral parts of our business.

Teknobuilt is fully committed to protecting the health and safety of all its staff, students, contractors, and visitors.

 We aim to prevent harm to people, assets, the environment, and the community around us through

 the following measures in construction project management:

  • Developing management structures and procedures for implementations at all our workplaces and continuous improvement through regular monitoring
  • Fully abiding by applicable legislation, decrees, and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman
  • Creating awareness amongst staff and all students, through a comprehensive program facilitated by the HSE department and implemented by respective department managers and college deans
  • Ensuring that every leader of an operation, whether in the field or office, is directly responsible for the judicious enforcement of an organized program upholding this HSE Policy
  • Making managers, supervisors, and technicians accountable for HSE management effort towards the elimination of causes that might lead to harm to people, the environment, or the community
  • Ensuring that the management systems of our contractors and vendors are compatible with our commitment to HSE
  • Participating in hazard identification, risk assessment, and eliminating potential threats to HSE in construction project management
  • Providing training and encouraging behavior that upholds this policy.

It is essential to have a construction safety policy in construction project management. It is one of the effective ways of keeping secure environmental protection and safe occupational health for the benefit of workers and the company. Being part of construction work means that you are exposed to various types of hazards.

To ensure that all of its employees work in a safe and healthy environment in construction project management

To offer personnel the required training and guidance so that they can do their jobs safely and efficiently. To make all necessary safety devices and protective equipment available so that safe working activities can be carried out.

Maintaining a continual and continuing interest in health and safety issues relevant to the company’s operations, including consulting and involving employees or their representatives whenever possible. All employees must work together to ensure that the organization meets its legal requirements and responsibilities.


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