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Top Manufacturers of Ceiling Tiles, 2022

Ceiling tiles, also known as ceiling panels, drop ceilings, and suspended ceilings are light weighing construction constituents utilized for casing ceilings. The tiles are installed within an aluminum grid and offer thermal insulation at a certain level primarily intended for enhancing the audibility and aesthetics of any space. 

Fortune Business Insights states that the global ceiling tiles market size was USD 6.19 billion in 2020. The market is projected to grow from USD 6.58 billion in 2021 to USD 10.97 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 7.6% during 2021-2028.

Applications of Tiles

Acoustical ceiling tiles have been gaining immense popularity in almost all types of spaces you could possibly think of. You can find them in homes, offices, and schools as well. In fact, many homeowners are expressing their keen interest in these tiles (supposedly an affordable choice) when it comes to reducing the height of a room. They also dampen the noise coming from the nearby surroundings.

COVID-19 Affected the Industry Moderately

The COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered chaos across the globe, has interrupted numerous businesses and national economies. It had a restrained influence on the construction industry. The sector observed a notable deterioration in the residential building and commercial activities in 2020, resulting in a deterioration in the sales of ceiling tiles and panels. Moreover, the disproportion in raw material supply and demand had an adverse influence on the market growth curve.

Top Players in the Market:

Armstrong World Industries (U.S.)

ROCKWOOL International A/S (Denmark)

Knauf Gips KG (Germany)

Saint – Gobain Gyproc (France)

USG Corporation (U.S.)

CertainTeed (U.S.)

Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH (Germany)

SAS International (U.K.)

Georgia-Pacific (U.S.)

Hunter Douglas (Netherlands)

1. Refines the General Quality of Sound

Among numerous dynamics, the chief characteristic about acoustical ceiling tiles is that they can augment the sound superiority in the room magnificently. This seems enormously crucial for all sorts of shows and plays that happen during the holidays.

Additionally, such tiles can play a major role if you possess a theater room in your residence, where the person would want to feel every last bit of audio to relish to the music or dialogue.

2. Absorbs Audio

It’s factual that sound superiority is a vital aspect when it comes to deploying acoustical ceilings. Even the competency to absorb audio coming from outdoors is simply unparalleled. According to a research conducted online, one can find numerous reputable suppliers that have exceptional knowledge with regards to sound absorption. These suppliers provide acoustical ceiling tiles at rational rates.

3. Reasonable

Purchasing ceiling tile is an extreme reasonable choice as compared to additional ceiling choices accessible on the market. One ought to know that labor fees for ceiling tiles installation is lesser in comparison with other building assignments.

4. Flexible

There is no doubt regarding the fact that ceiling tile is among the only choices accessible that can be altered after it has been installed. Not much struggle is needed to replace the tile.

5. Aesthetic Touch

There are numerous choices one can select from as there are various looks that can be achieved with acoustical ceiling tiles. One will be able to effortlessly modify the appearance of any space immediately without having to spend heftily in house maintenances.

Will Green Building Construction Lay Foundation for Future Growth?

As global concerns over environmental sustainability are mounting, the global housing industry is expansively leaning toward green buildings, encouraging chief players to present suitable product lines. Players, such as Ceilume, are dynamically participating in unveiling solutions for green buildings. To achieve this goal, the company launched a novel line of tiles made from 98% post-industrial recycled bronze, tin, copper, and cherry wood finishes.

In comparison with mineral fiber tiles, Celiume tiles need 75% less raw material during the production procedure, weigh less, nest better, and necessitate nearly 25% of cargo space, making shipping more proficient and less influential on the planet. Another vital dynamic of ceiling tiles in green buildings is their bolstered acoustic absorbing abilities. Extreme noise is a prime constraint to incompetent building design as it can impact living circumstances in residential settings and decrease productivity in commercial settings.

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