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Easy Steps To Embed Instagram Feed On Any Website

In recent times, Instagram has become a social media sensation and has also become a spectacular platform to market a business online. Instagram has over 2 billion users and was the most downloaded app in the fourth quarter of 2021. These numbers prove that you need to rapidly grow your social presence on Instagram to attract new customers. However, showcasing your Instagram presence is just as important as creating one, and embedding your Instagram feed is the answer. People believe in word-of-mouth marketing, and what better way to develop a sense of trust among new customers than by presenting happy customer faces on Instagram.

So, through this blog, you will understand how we can embed Instagram feed on any website through easy steps. So, let’s dive in!

Steps to embed the Instagram feed on any website

Let’s understand the embedding of the Instagram feed on any website in four easy steps.

Step 1. Add an Instagram feed with a social media aggregator tool

  1. First and foremost, create a social media aggregator tool account for free or login into your existing account.
  2. Now, in this step, click on “Add Social Feeds.”
  3. It is time to select “Instagram” as your social media source to fetch posts.
  4. Select the source through which you would like to collect the feed from Instagram.

Several ways are available for retrieving Instagram content:

  • Hashtag (#) — Collects Instagram hashtags in real-time.
  • Instagram Stories – To add Instagram Stories to your website.
  • Handles (@) — Collects Instagram posts from the company account.
  • Mentions (@) – A collection of Instagram posts referencing your brand.
  • Reels – Enter a URL to collect and curate highly engaging Instagram reels.
  • Tagged – Curate Instagram feeds where you’ve been tagged.
  • Videos — Combine all Instagram video formats.
  • Own Account – Gather Instagram posts uploaded to your account.

5. After choosing your feed, click the “Create Feed” button.

Step 2. Connect Instagram With Your Social Media Aggregator Tool Account

By clicking on the ‘Create Feed’ button, you will be taken to Instagram for a safe connection; complete the required information to connect to Instagram successfully.

Step 3. Create an Instagram Feed Embed Code

Follow the steps below to receive the Instagram profile feeds embed code that you can make use of in your website code to embed Instagram posts once you have all of your posts and have completed all of the moderation and customization.

1. On the widget editor screen, click the Publish button.

2. To embed the stream on your website, choose “Embed On Webpage.”

3. Select your website building platform based on your needs (HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.)

4. Change the height and width of your widget and copy the embed code that appears.

You’ve now successfully generated and copied the “Embed Code” for an Instagram post for your website.

Step 4. Embed an Instagram feed into any website

1. Go to the editing section of the page where you wish to embed the Instagram widget on your website.

2. Copy the Instagram widget embed code from the social media aggregator tool and paste it into the body of your page before publishing or applying the changes.

3. You should now be able to see Instagram posts on your website.

How Embed An Instagram Feed In HTML?

HTML is a well-organized internet platform that businesses and brands rely on. So, let’s see how you can embed an Instagram feed in HTML.

Step 1: Go to your HTML website and select the landing page you want to integrate into your Instagram feed.

Step 2: Paste the “Instagram post HTML code” you copied into the website.

Step 3: Put the modifications in place, and you are done. The Instagram feed will be successfully incorporated into the HTML page.

How To Portray Instagram Feed On WordPress?

Here are some steps to incorporate an Instagram feed on your WordPress site:

Step 1: Go to your WordPress website and log in.

Step 2: Go to the web page where you want to integrate the Instagram feeds gallery and update it.

Step 3: In the WordPress 5.0 editor, go to Pages>Add New Page Section from the dashboard.

Step 4: To show the Instagram gallery on the website, click the Add button, select the custom HTML option, paste your copied code, and save your modifications.

How To Merge Instagram Feed To Shopify?

Embed your Instagram feed on your Shopify website to engage your visitors and boost conversion rates.

Step 1: Go to the Sales Channels area and select Online Store.

Select the Themes option from the drop-down list in the sidebar.

Step 2: On your current theme, there is an Action button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Select Edit code from the Action Button from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Pick a layout, template, or section.

Step 5: Paste the Instagram post’s copied code and hit Save.

Wrapping up

We have provided every piece of the necessary information required to embed the Instagram feed on any website through this guide. Now Taggbox Widget, a social media aggregator tool, will make your task even more effortless through its seamless functioning. So, enhance your brand’s presence and bring in more customers using the Taggbox widget.


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