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10 Reasons to Migrate from Classic SharePoint to Modern SharePoint

Modern SharePoint is highly functional, intuitive and a perfect fit with MS Office 365 apps. Above all, Modern SharePoint is a very welcoming and upgraded version of classic SharePoint. Limitations of classic SharePoint are widely known, especially for those related to moving files. Modern SharePoint removes all these limitations and offers a flexible approach to sites, lists, and libraries, while also adding the remarkable convenience of MS Flow to create integrated workflows.

Modern SharePoint also embeds apps and introduces rich text editors, while ensuring full administrative control and advanced crypto-security. When weighing Modern vs Classic SharePoint, there is no straight comparison. Here are some of the major advantages that will help you understand why you should migrate from Classic SharePoint to Modern SharePoint for your organization.

Vastly Improved User Interface

Business users find the design experience of Modern SharePoint largely self-explanatory, thereby it requires a shorter adoption window and less training. In comparison to Classic SharePoint, the Modern experience provides easier editing features within a controlled environment. It also allows task execution within the content of browser sessions.

Modern SharePoint Offers Advanced Document Library

Related to the interface, some fundamental improvements have transformed modern SharePoint into a very sophisticated and responsive platform. Modern SharePoint offers a very similar experience to OneDrive, as its document library allows users to intuitive creation and smooth upload of files and folders. Also, a trimmed command bar offers a relatively personalized control.

 Document Library in modern SharePoint has replaced the ‘Files’ page from the class version and now it offers a view that can be efficiently customized without any need to go into library settings.

Smooth Compatibility with MS Teams

The introduction of the Start Page in the new SharePoint, which is also accessible through MS Office 365 App Launcher, is itself a game-changing element in the creation of Communication or Team Sites. Limitations in this area have been successfully removed and the administration can now concentrate on providing ultimate business benefits to their end-users by using SharePoint Cloud or SharePoint Online.

Advanced Security Features

In the modern package, Microsoft SharePoint has successfully delivered a wide range of best practices, and compliance and security features. Its Data Encryption features in transit utilize multiple methods, algorithms, and protocols to provide a safe and secured path through infrastructure while protecting sensitive data and information.

Microsoft has FIPS 140-2 for file encryption and BitLocker for disk encryption, to provide high-level security of data within the storage. Other advanced security features include anti-malware protection and virus detection that keeps on running on all the SharePoint CFEs. Along with this, SharePoint also offers managed external data sharing, custom script restriction, and controlled access based on the network location.

Superior & User-Friendly UI

User-friendly interfaces offered in the out-of-the-box SharePoint are remarkably superior to the classic version. With more intuitive and digital intranets and workplaces, that are supporting better adoption. This also means that site-owners and super-users can now manage their lists, libraries, and sites, which induces greater confidence and ease among them. This allows digital workplaces to evolve and flourish.

Mobile & App Friendly

Having a SharePoint Mobile App is like having your entire corporate intranet in your pocket. TheSharePoint Mobile App provided users with easy access, superior visibility, and full cross-site navigation across files, news, list, and other aggregate activities.

SharePoint Hub Sites enable organizations along with many other new features that collectively deliver an enhanced user experience, such as calendar month views and fast view and likes for the new posts, etc. The new SharePoint Mobile App also works in collaboration with MS Office 365 which is also hosted by MS Data Centers.

Better News & Publishing

With SharePoint, you get better support for news publishing and attractive web part along with the benefit to create and publish an item at both functional and team levels – which gives everyone the ability to create and publish content with ease. 

Sensitive Labelling

Sensitivity labelling ensures that only authorized people view or consume specific content and with SharePoint, this whole process has never been easier. Emails and Files can be protected very easily through auto-labelling and content marketing for emails and office files. Site and Groups labelling also enables users to configure ‘External User & Privacy Access’ settings and ‘External Sharing & Device Access’ settings.

Improved Integration with Other MS Office 365 Apps

Another huge advantage of modern SharePoint over the classic version is that it integrates more tightly and easily with the rest of Microsoft applications including MS Teams, MS Power BI, etc. This allows you to add elements more easily from across MS Office 365 Suite including Calendar, Yammer, Planner, Stream, etc.

Better & Improved Features & Accessibility

Modern SharePoint, being the predecessor of the classic version has better features and accessibility options for its users. With improved integration, users now have the chance to exploit a wider feature range and get instant access to their documents, files, libraries, and lists whenever needed.

Final Words

If your organization is still using the Classic Version of SharePoint, then it is the right time to migrate to the Modern one. As a result, you can get your hands on many advanced features and functionalities. Migrating to modern SharePoint can have a measurable impact on the communication, collaboration, and employee productivity within your organization.

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