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What is the UBS App HR Toolkit?

The HR Toolkit from UBSApp is a simple-to-use set of checklists and templates that HR managers can use for many purposes. It contains all information and tools used by Human Resources departments for communication purposes, such as hiring, leave, interview, or policy.

This HR Toolkit was created with HR managers in mind. The Human Resources department manages employees, who are the greatest asset of an organization. Human Resources is rightly regarded as the heartbeat of any company. HR oversees various activities and functions related to current and potential employees. They have the following core responsibilities:

Recruitment and employee sourcing

  • Onboarding Employees
  • Communication and Engagement with Employees
  • Keep an organization culture
  • Management-related work
  • Employee Support
  • Health and Wellbeing Policies
  • Salary and Compensation

This list shows that HR is responsible for overseeing a large number of functions within a company. It should not be overloaded with paperwork or, even worse, with the creation of policies, emails, job descriptions, and policies.

What can UBSApp’s HR Toolkit offer?

UBSApp HR Toolkit currently has 7 sections:

1. Job Description Templates

There are many job descriptions in the Job Description section. These templates can be used immediately, so companies don’t have to spend time creating lengthy descriptions that list all the required skills and qualifications. These templates give detailed information about each job to help candidates understand the role. These templates are broken down into five parts:

Definition of the job

  • The job’s functions and activities
  • A job description
  • These are the main responsibilities and duties
  • These are the key skills and job requirements

2. Interview Question Checklists

A recruiter can assess the candidate’s abilities, performance, and dedication by asking smart questions during interviews. Interview questions are a reflection of the candidate’s personality and can also affect the employer brand.

We’ve compiled a selection of questionnaires that are based on complex questions. These will allow interviewers to judge the following skills:

  • Behavioral skills
  • Soft skills
  • Technical skills
  • Judgment skills
  • Skills in critical thinking
  • Decision-making skills
  • Ability to adapt
  • Communication skills

3. Use Mail Templates for Hire

All the necessary mails to communicate with candidates are included in the hiring mail templates. These templates can be used immediately after you have entered all required credentials. The template begins with a description paragraph that focuses on the main points and importance of your mail. Next, you will find the template which can be customized to suit your company’s needs.

4. Job Interview Templates

Interviews for jobs are a multi-stage process. There are many steps involved, including posting job descriptions and scheduling. Sending emails to candidates about various topics is one of these steps. The templates include reminder emails, appointment notification emails, availability emails and task emails. These templates come in ready-to use formats

5. Templates for Job Offer Mail

The job offer email is a crucial part of the onboarding process. It acts as a first impression for the company to its potential employees. It is therefore important to send detailed and well-written job offer emails. Job offer emails are sent not only to new employees, but also to current employees as promotional emails. We all know how difficult it can be to keep up with your employer brand among existing employees.

We have provided various job offer emails, including emails for remote, full-time, and contractual jobs.

6. HR Mail Templates

Human Resources in the company must communicate regularly with current and future employees. It can be tiring to compose new emails each day, which can lead to a waste of time.

The HR Mails collection is in clearly defined formats. This means that the HR member only needs to fill in the required information and the email will be sent. These emails can be subject to thoughtful guidelines.

7. New Hire Checklists

We all know the importance of a company’s new employees. These values should be reflected in the communications with them. We have covered most of the elements that new hires need to be aware of in a company. It is important to properly structure any announcements, checklists, or policies you want to send out to your newly hired candidates. These criteria have been met by our templates, and we have provided guidelines.

An easy-to-use toolkit for taking care of boring paperwork.

Human Resources already has many tasks. They should not have to spend time writing job descriptions, emails, and company policies. These documents require a lot of research and writing. UBSApp provides everything HR teams need in one place.

UBSApp HR Toolkit India contains useful information and materials for supervisors and managers. These templates were created with expert HR guidance. They are up-to-date in accordance to current market standards.


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