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7 House Moving Tips For Stress-free Relocation

You have already made the choice. You just finalized your new apartment last week. The next step is just to move out of your old house and into the new one. The stress is already building up. Nervousness and excitement have started to mount as the day of house moving nears. Is there a way to keep the negativity at bay? Is there a way to prevent the stress from taking over all the excitement that has been going on in your mind? Yes, there is. The house removal process should not have to be stressful at all. Let’s discover a few ways to make it a lot more fun right away:

1-Start Packing Early

This is probably the most important tip on this list. You will be far more organized if you are able to start packing early. Give yourself at least two weeks to do this. This will also help you avoid any rush or impromptu decisions at the last moment. This means that you will have enough packing supplies and there will be no haste when you are trying to categorize the stuff that you want to move on your own and the items that you probably want to hand over to a packing and moving company. If you start packing early, it will also give you the opportunity to get rid of the stuff that you do not wish to take to your new house.

2-Choose A Removalist Firm Without Delay

When it comes to choosing the right house moving company, you will have enough time if you start early. That’s right and it also makes a lot of sense because the early you book them, the more discount will be able to get. You can also find the most practical vehicle for your move. Booking them in advance also lets you avoid any delays in your entire move. If there are any detours that the packing and moving professional might have to take on the moving day, you will be informed about them beforehand. Remember to invite at least 4 to 5 quotes for this and only settle for the offer that suits you the best and functions according to your convenience.

3-Make A List Of All The Things

Another thing that can make your entire house moving process completely stress-free is a practical list of things that you want to carry and also the items that you can delay to a later date. Make a list of things that you have to do during the days leading up to the final move as well. It will help you come up with a particular timeline that you can follow till the moving day. As you go completing each of the tasks mentioned on your list, go on checking them or canceling them out. 

4-Do Not Move The Items You Can’t Move

Now that you have already made a list, it will be easier for you to decide what items you can take in your own vehicle and what boxes and cargo you can leave behind for the time being. There will be a few items such as your piano that you might want to take extract care of while you are moving it. You might want to hire a specialist for this and therefore going through the list of all the house removalists that you had connected with earlier is going to give you a better idea about what professional you should choose for this particular item.

In addition to this, there will be a few items that you do not wish to keep in your car such as knives, your lawnmower, a few hardware tools, some of your gardening equipment, and other stuff similar to that. You might want to transport them in a different vehicle at a later stage. You can also choose to get delivered to your new house before anything else. This is going to take a lot of stress away from your mind because you know that neither your kids nor your pets are going to get hurt.

5-Always Go With Color-Corded Boxes

It is always a good idea to pack your stuff for House Moving while the packers and movers are doing their job on your property. If you have appointed them to do the packing for you, you can always assist them in the process. Make sure to designate a particular color for each category of boxes that you have made. You can also color-code the belongings of every particular room. Likewise, you can label the boxes according to the items put in them such as delicates, clothing, durable electronics, and other miscellaneous items. Do not forget to mention the direction in which the boxes are to be kept such as top, bottom, or side.

6-Make A Separate Box For Your Vulnerable Items

Now, coming to storing all your precious and vulnerable items that are prone to breaking. If you have any jewelry pieces, accessories, family heirlooms, or probably any expensive decor pieces, make it a point to protect them with extra padding, bedsheets, paper towels, tissues, and other materials. Put them in a separate box with a lining of soft material and enough padding within all the items to prevent them from entangling with one another and any potential breakage as well. It is always suggested that you move this box in your vehicle and do not let it out of your sight under any circumstances.

7-Now Let’s Avoid A Few Packing Mistakes

  • Make sure that all your heavy items go in durable boxes 
  • Write down the weight of the box on the cardboard 
  • Remember to wrap all your soft items like sheets, pillows, and soft toys in plastic bags 
  • Separate your office stuff boxes from other cardboard boxes 
  • If you have any fragile dishes or utensils, invest in enough bubble wrap and tissue paper 
  • Always remember to put heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and the lighter ones on the top 
  • Invest in enough tape and nylon rope to hold your boxes in position 
  • If you have any artwork that needs to be transported, it is always a good idea to hire a dependable house removalist in your city


Now, these tips can make anybody’s house removal process a lot easier. You can see all your stress going away already because you have some of the most incredible tips that can simplify and speed up the entire move. Remember to refer to it whenever you feel confused. Happy moving!


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