Shearling Jackets for Men: The Best Brands

Shearling Jackets to men are what stilettos are to women. Just as stilettoes make a woman feel like Cinderella, leather jackets provide men with an enhanced sense of being by highlighting their masculinity and the daring attributes they are generally known for.

Originally intended for men on the road (i.e., bikers and racers), leather jackets have slowly and gradually made their way into every man’s wardrobe, regardless of what they do. They no longer give the impression of hooligans and convicts who wore them more often in the past. Today, they are worn by men from the most civilized stratum of society.

Be it a road trip, business meeting, or cocktail party, you can sport a leather jacket anytime and anywhere, unless the dress code strictly prohibits it, which is hardly ever going to happen. As long as it looks good and decent, no one is going to object to it. In fact, men wearing jackets today appear more confident and ‘cooler’ than those wearing sweatshirts or blazers.

The question is “What factors define the best leather jacket?”, and a short and simple answer to that would be “The best leather jacket is one that emphasizes your manliness while giving you the utmost in comfort and protection.

Shearling Jackets: A Type of Leather Jackets

Made from the skin of an animal, mostly a sheep or lamb, a shearling jacket is the thickest type of jacket designed for people working in extremely cold environments, such as military and army personnel. However, with the passage of time, technology has replaced them with more sophisticated options, leaving them for fashionistas and celebrities. With wide fluffy Sherpa-style fleece collars exuding the rugged rawness of the Barbarians from the north, they give you a tamed macho look.

Despite the availability of lighter options that use synthetic fabric technology to provide the same or even better warmth, shearling jackets still remain in fashion. Trucker Jackets flaunting Sherpa-style collars from Levi’s, a famous brand for men’s clothing, are clear proof of that. There are a number of other designers that have never let this style go out of fashion.

Here’s a list of brands you can always get a good shearling jacket from.

Markhor Wear

If you want to get an original shearling jacket at the best price, look nowhere else. Markhor Wear is one of the fastest-growing leatherwear brands that specialize in manufacturing leather jackets and leather belts which give you the best value for your money. They have a variety of leather jackets and offer free customization, which has earned them a large and loyal customer base.


What man on earth doesn’t know or has never worn a product from Levi’s? It’s one of the most renowned names for menswear that mostly focuses on denim, not leather. Therefore, unless you want a denim jacket with a Sherpa collar, visiting them will be a waste of time.


Well-tailored and elegantly designed, jackets from this British brand exhibit minimalist aesthetics that gives you an option that’s stylish as well as snug. The designer targets the middle class, producing highly affordable jackets that look no less luxurious than ones from those high-end brands. The sophisticated color palettes and exceptionally high-quality tailoring give you all the reasons to choose the brand.


Be it the tan Marshal shearling jacket with a button closure and revere collar or the chocolate-brown, suede Atomic Blonde jacket with a large turn-down collar, Percival offers a unique take on shearling jackets, which are made from the finest hides. The brand is a choice of sports and movie stars. If you consider yourself a star, jackets from this London-based designer will give you the perfect feel of being one.

Saint Laurent

If you are a fan of rock- ‘n’-roll culture, Saint Laurent has the best options, if a bit too pricey. Markhor Wear, the first brand on our list, will give you an affordable alternative. Going above $3000, Saint Laurent’s hefty price tags can rip off even merchants and industrialists.

Ralph Lauren

The American fashion designer provides a fantastic selection of real Americana workwear, with shearling outerwear taking center stage. If money is not an issue with you, the classic pieces from this luxury brand will give you a perfect option to accentuate your weekend outfit. Jackets designed by Ralph Lauren emanate elegance.  

Brunello Cucinelli

The Italian maestro crafts perfection, not jackets. The stunning shearling jackets from this designer use the finest materials and craftsmanship. His love for traditional art can be clearly seen in his designs. The only downside is the high pricing, which is anyway justified by the premium quality the jackets offer.


Soft-to-the-touch, well-cut, and trendy, Zara’s faux shearling jackets are affordable options that are classy and comfortable. It’s another brand that manufactures apparel for middle-class, working people. They can enjoy the feeling of wearing designer clothes without exceeding their limited budget. 

Among all the brands listed above, Markhor Wear remains our number one choice. Do give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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