MBA Colleges in UK Without Work Experience

If you have ever wondered which country to choose for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with the most elegant lifestyle, the UK is the answer you seek. The country is filled with top-tier universities and has a significant business industry. Being an integral part of the European market, you get immense career opportunities after graduating from a UK based university. So, start preparing your profile for one of the universities in the UK to pursue an MBA. When you apply for an MBA in such a country, many things to think about. For example, what are the eligibility criteria, application requirements, procedures, and more? One of these things is needed work experience. Of course, you can do an MBA in the UK without work experience; however, first, let’s see why you should do an MBA in the UK?

Why Consider the UK for an MBA?

Generally, when you think about the best destination for MBA programs, the UK comes among the top names. But it’s not the only reason you should consider the UK to pursue an MBA program. Not only does the UK pack one of the best schools & colleges in the world, but it is also widely popular for many other reasons. Some examples are; research & innovation, a traditional approach to education, specialized universities, fast-paced courses and a robust economy.

You can complete an MBA degree in only one-year that does not lack calibre. The master-level degree you obtain in the UK is as valuable as a master’s degree from USA or Canada. Therefore, according to your interests, you have the opportunity to browse tons of factors to get your perfect MBA program in the UK.

MBA in the UK Without Work Experience

As mentioned earlier, work experience has been an essential part of admission requirements for MBA applicants. However, now it’s not an absolute necessity. There are many universities in the UK that are offering MBA degrees without any work experience. For a country where the average annual salary of MBA graduates is around £50,000, it’s a pretty good deal. This figure equals INR 50+ lakhs per annum.

UK degrees are well-acknowledged worldwide and help you find the best career possible in the business industry. The universities there have massive tie-ups that help you network to find your best options. Plus, MBA in the UK is one of the most sought-after programs globally. If you are getting a chance to pursue such a high-level business program with no work experience requirement, it is recommended to take it.

Best MBA Colleges in the UK Without Work Experience

Of course, there would not be as many colleges in this section as one that asks for work experience. However, you can be sure that the UK doesn’t lack. You have enough universities in the UK that have MBA programs with no work experience requirement. Listing all of these institutes is not practical. Instead, consider the best ones among them and decide based on your qualifications and interests.

Here are the MBA colleges in the UK without work experience –

No.Institute NameLocation
1Anglia Ruskin UniversityCambridge
2Coventry UniversityCoventry
3Leeds Beckett UniversityLeeds
4Liverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpool
5Swansea UniversitySwansea
6University of BedfordshireLuton
7University of East LondonLondon
8University of NorthamptonNpotrhampton
9University of South WalesSouth Wales
10University of WestminsterLondon


The UK also has an international reputation in business studies and a robust business industry. Their MBA degrees are recognized worldwide by top MNCs. Along with this, the UK hosts one of the most unique and elegant lifestyles. If you do not have work experience and are yet eager to pursue an MBA, you cannot find a better option than in the UK.


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