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Who doesn’t love a good bowl of rice? The staple food of billions of people around the world, rice is one of the most delicious and nutritious products you can find in the market. For many, rice is an essential ingredient in their daily cooking. That’s why we have created Tradologie a platform where you can easily buy rice online directly from brands.

Tradologie has brought together some of the best brands in the food and agriculture industry to provide you with high quality at affordable basmati rice prices. We have a wide range of options available to meet your needs. From basmati rice to brown rice, we have it all for you! Our platform allows you to compare different products so that you can choose what suits your taste and budget best. You can also check out reviews from other buyers who have already used these products before making any purchase decision. connects your with brands directly connects you with the brands and products that you care about. We make it easy to compare prices and features across a wide selection of products, so you can be sure that you’re getting what you want at the best price possible. And we’re always looking for new ways to bring value to our customers.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added new features to our website that will better serve you and help connect your business with the brands that offer quality products at the best price. Our new site is easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly find what you need without having to spend hours searching through hundreds of pages online.

Benefits of Buying Basmati rice online through

Buying basmati rice online has many advantages.

The biggest advantage is that you get to see the products of different sellers and then compare the prices as well as their qualities.

This will help in buying the best quality at a reasonable price. One of the most preferred websites for buying basmati rice online is is not only reliable but also provides a platform for connecting directly with the seller and negotiating on your own terms without any middleman.

This gives you the freedom to negotiate and make deals according to your convenience and in a very transparent manner. The website supports e-commerce which makes it easy for you to pay online even if you are not able to physically meet the seller due to geographical distances between them.

You can be rest assured about the authenticity of the product by simply reading reviews about its sellers before making your purchase decision.

How is simplifying Basmati rice trade? is the first online marketplace for Basmati rice where buyers and sellers can trade in India and internationally. The platform enables farmers to directly sell their produce to millers, exporters and importers, eliminating middlemen from the value chain. aims to simplify the process of trading Basmati rice by eliminating multiple middlemen from the equation. acts as a technology platform that facilitates direct trade between farmers and buyers/sellers.

It also provides an opportunity for buyers to source high quality Basmati rice at competitive prices by offering them access to India’s largest network of sellers, who are manufacturers of quality basmati rice.

Basmati rice export from India

Basmati rice export from India is one of the major food crops of India which is grown in basmati rice producing regions like Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and western Uttar Pradesh. It is a long-grained variety of rice that has aromatic and slightly nutty flavour. Basmati rice export from India is also known as ‘the queen of rice’.

Basmati rice export from India has been cultivated for thousands of years. According to ancient texts, it was first grown in the foothills of the Himalayas where the climate was suitable for its cultivation.

Basmati rice export from India is considered as one of the top exports from India with exports worth more than $1 billion annually. In fact, it contributes more than 10% to total exports from India every year.

Basmati rice production in India

Organic Basmati rice is a long grain variety of fragrant rice that grows in the Himalayas. It is highly prized for its flavor and aroma, which are said to be superior to all other varieties of rice. These unique qualities have made Basmati the most expensive variety of rice in the world.

Basmati originated in India and Nepal. It is grown in a narrow strip along the foothills of the Himalayas from Pakistan to northern India, where it thrives at around 2,000 feet above sea level (600 m).

Rice cultivation has been practiced for about 5,000 years in India. Today, India ranks third in world production after China and Indonesia.

There are three main types of basmati: white (sahibi), brown (champi) and black (dhani) basmati. The most common type produced in India is white basmati, which makes up around 70% of total production.

Basmati rice health benefits

Basmati rice is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This long-grain rice is fragrant and delicious. It is also known as Super Food among Indians. Let us see the health benefits of basmati rice:

Rich in Protein

Organic Basmati rice has high protein content. It is one of the best sources of protein for vegetarians. It contains all eight essential amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself. The proteins in basmati rice are highly digestible; hence, it provides adequate nutrition to the body without causing any harm to our internal organs like kidneys or liver.

Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Basmati rice has a low glycemic index which means it does not spike your blood sugar level very much when consumed alone or with other foods in a single meal like other starchy carbs do! This can be very beneficial for those who have diabetes, insulin resistance or even hypoglycemia since they will feel fuller longer after consuming Basmati Rice rather than other kinds of carbohydrate such as white/brown/red/white etc.


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