10 Shows to Watch If You Love Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a hit in a way that TV shows aren’t anymore. The show has already launched one successful spin-off, the traditional Western 1883. If you’ve already watched Season 4, you might be looking for something else to hold you over until Season 5 comes out. We’ve put together a list of shows and movies to watch until then.

Outer Range

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Hell or High Water

Sheridan’s sophisticated, lived-in script won him an Oscar nomination, and the film also received nods for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor for Jeff Bridges, who portrays the grizzled Texas Ranger on the boys’ trail.

More than that, Sheridan’s singular voice as a writer, which rose to prominence with Yellowstone, was crystallized here, more so than in Sicario, his darker, more cynical debut script.

Hell or High Water shares several similarities with Yellowstone: a modern Western setting, a strong feeling of place (West Texas in this case), a libertarian populist leaning with no apparent political goal, and profanely lyrical Western speech.

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The precursor to Yellowstone, 1883, chronicles the account of John Dutton’s ancestors’ journey to Montana.

James Dutton (Tim McGraw) leads his family on a risky trek through the Great Plains with Pinkerton agent Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott), a gruff old cowboy with a golden heart.

It’s a classic Western with stunning cinematography.

It’s a road show more akin to Lonesome Dove than Yellowstone, but Taylor Sheridan staples like beautifully masculine banter and an outstanding sense of realism in its cowboy-life elements will make fans of the flagship programme feel right at home.

Check out our comparison to learn more about the contrasts and similarities between Yellowstone and 1883.

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Mayor of Kingstown

Not only is he working on two Yellowstone spin-offs, but he also co-created the upcoming Paramount series Mayor of Kingstown.

Though it is not set on a ranch, it contains many elements reminiscent of Yellowstone: a gruff leading man (Jeremy Renner, who also appeared in Sheridan’s Wind River), complicated interactions between powerful characters, and tough people being tough guys.

Wind River

He has previously appeared in films such as Sicario and Hell or High Water. Sicario: Day of the Soldado earned the writer/director a Writers Guild of America Award.

The Son

Pierce Brosnan as Eli McCulloch, a young child kidnapped by Comanches and a father who struggles to connect with his son in the show’s current timeframe. The idea is uncannily similar to Yellowstone: Get off my property!

Let Him Go

Kevin Costner plays a retired sheriff turned horse farmer who is mourning the loss of his son in the film. It’s more of a high-stakes thriller than a peaceful family story. Costner is simply fantastic in it. Costner’s longstanding love interest, Diane Lane, plays his wife.


Yellowstone isn’t trying to be Dallas in the twenty-first century. Both are cowboy-hatted dramas about a wealthy, feuding family, with equally heightened theatrical overtones. On the other hand, is designed to seem like a premium cable programme, complete with violent violence and nudity.


Both Succession and Yellowstone are about a father and his two adult children competing to be daddy’s favourite. The trappings of money show differently in Yellowstone and Succession — Yellowstone has a fleet of expensive pick-up trucks, while Succession has a mega-yacht — but they’re both about the corrosive consequences of wealth on the spirit.


If the Western setting of Yellowstone is your favorite aspect of the park, this criminal drama will be a rewarding next step. Walt Longmire, the sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, is played by Robert Taylor, who investigates Western-themed murders while facing his inner demons. Conflict and negotiation between the region’s white and Native American residents is a major theme, as it is in, with a particular emphasis on Longmire’s relationship with the Cheyenne reservation’s tribal police force, led by Chief Mathias (Zahn McClarnon), which has its own authority and sometimes works with him and sometimes doesn’t.


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