These days, kids are conscious about money-making tricks, and management of the same and are intelligent enough to generate their wealth. From here, neo-banks and Fintech apps have initiated their game-changing strategies for financial education for kids. A wild stepping-up to cater to their concepts for developing customer leads is gradually captivating the financial market.

New-patterned neo-banks and fintech apps primarily focus on children below 18 years. These apps and cutting-edge technologies are helping kids learn how to save pocket money, limit overspending, and teach them some essential economically significant money management skills and concepts of compound interest rate.

Setting Up The Plan

Fintech firms, and best app finances, are now concerned about complicated money-saving formulas and coming up with innovative approaches to ease parents’ burden. This cutting-edge technology adds fun and creativity to planning the process of financial banking, which is firmly towards the revolutionary illustration. So, nourishing children with rich financial routines at their early ages will enhance their maturities in building financial liabilities and independency in the coming future.

Limiting The Spending

The next crucial point is budgeting which determines the investment and limitation of spending money. Fintech helps to split the money into different baskets with segmented assignments to control the limitations on habits of spending money. Budgeting educates kids and teenagers on prioritizing their spending nature maturely and wisely to keep an amount aside for future needs. Fintech apps teach their customer some attractive features like; chore incentives, rewards, and gamification.

Savings In A Sustainable Way

Fintech companies introduced a unique way to make customers understand the core value of the term “Saving” through games and engaging activities. They provide non-monetary rewards to make children save money gradually and steadily. The kids grasp the sense of saving money and money management more rapidly by observing their spending habits on essential needs and tracking the analytical data weekly or monthly. As a result, parents get relief from watching and controlling the spending of pocket money assigned to children.

Investment Wisely

The most challenging part of building a robust ground of financial literacy among children is investing money with appropriate financial management apps and monetary services.

To make the investment concept easy and more understandable, Fintech companies have taken a revolutionary step in designing the most straightforward mathematical approach and innovative digitized concepts to educate children about making a sound investment decision. These companies work on fundamental investment in products and services irrespective of the type or age of customers.

Muvin: The Best Financial Educator App For Kids

Muvin, neo banking fulfills the leverage of making a mobile finance app for kids and teens to make it easy to understand the economic values and the process of spending money for what they need comfortably and maturely. Muvin introduces some interesting features like; real-time notification on transactions and automated category identification. So it will be accessible to track records for parents and children.

Muvin is a junior bank account for kids and a family financial app that holds the facility of opening a primary account in the name of the parents of children. It gives another facility to the account holder to limit the daily withdrawal. So, Muvin makes the digital transaction accessible and user-friendly; on the other hand, it also assists in making children habituated with smart expenses habits. 

Muvin has come up on the financial stage with a motto to educate all kids and teens about budgeting, investing, and saving with the experimental education process through interactive and fun ways. Muvin is one step ahead of all with its unique blogs that teach kids and young adults the basics of money management through engaging content. Its distinctive approaches to breaking down the intricate financial structures into some easy, fun, and byte-sized contents are commendable.

Muvin brings seamless transactions and experiences for kids and youths via advantageous mobile app with various features such as; tracking expenses, identifying aims and prospects, educational videos, and contactless banking cards with defined spending limits according to the cardholder category.


Fintech companies improve the digital approach to financial management and literacy by evaluating current problems and including innovative programs with exceptional features and conveniences. Fintech companies are using some enhancing ideas and cutting-edge technologies to accumulate patterns of their financial planning to provide a more helpful format for financial education.


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