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Top Athena EMR Software Features You Must Know

Athena is a cloud-based solution that helps doctors manage their entire practice with ease. This solution is designed with robust functionalities, role-specific training sessions, and integration with other systems. Read on for a quick overview of Athena’s top features. You may find it difficult to decide which Athena EHR software to use. But if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable solution that meets your unique needs, you should consider integrating Athena with other systems.

Athenahealth offers a cloud-based solution for complete practice management

Athenahealth offers a complete cloud-based practice management system that focuses on medical billing and analytics to improve practice efficiency and reduce error rates. Its intuitive EHR software is backed by a comprehensive set of features to increase your efficiency and clinical control. The athenaCommunicator patient engagement platform offers secure and automated messaging for better patient interaction. Epocrates is part of the athenahealth family and is recognized as the “second brain” of physicians.

Athenahealth’s cloud-based EHR solution includes Epocrates, a clinical reference app that helps providers access clinical guidelines and messaging. AthenaClinicals includes a cloud-based EMR system and an integrated mobile app to simplify communication with patients.

Other features include an electronic health record and secure patient portal, which integrates patient data across the care continuum. Finally, athenahealth Population Health provides analytics, quality management, and revenue cycle services.

It offers robust functionalities

Athena EMR software has a plethora of robust functionalities for any healthcare organization. It is affordable and can boost your practice’s workflow efficiency. This software allows you to access a large database of patient records, securely message patients, and limit the manual tasks of your front office staff. It can even automate certain processes such as patient scheduling and billing.

However, it should be noted that the software is not suited for every practice. Depending on the size and number of employees and physicians in your practice, it may be too complex or complicated for you to implement.

Athena is easy to use and integrates with many other healthcare software packages. It is compatible with numerous medical equipment, including labs, x-ray machines, and patient records. Its e-prescription functionality helps you reduce patient wait times and streamlines the process of receiving insurance payments. It is cloud-based and provides excellent scheduling capabilities. Some users reported that the software is unreliable, but this is a rarity in a medical system.

It offers role-specific training sessions

The employee onboarding process allows your firm to provide a customized training session for new hires. These sessions typically offer an initial overview of firm policies and the Encompass system. They also allow you to set up a dedicated time for new employees close to their start date, so that they can fully prepare for their job.

Training sessions also cover firm technology systems and processes. Using role-playing as a teaching tool can be a great way to help your employees learn new skills and be able to handle difficult situations.

Role-specific training is important for your employees’ career growth. These sessions can help you identify if your employees are suited for advancement or if they have weaknesses that hinder their performance. Role-specific training can also help your company prevent customer complaints by identifying weak areas before they begin working.

The process can begin with initial work sessions with staff members. This can include distribution of meeting invites, developing a training manual, and developing an agenda.

It integrates with other systems

Athena emr software integrate with other systems to streamline practice management. As a cloud-based enterprise healthcare solution, Athena provides a comprehensive suite of features that help medical practices improve their operations. The company also offers a proactive service that can speed up the revenue cycle by reducing the number of days that patients spend in the account receivable department (A/R). Ultimately, Athena will help organizations optimize financial performance and adapt to healthcare payment reform.

Athena’s claim scrubbing feature is well-liked by users. However, some reviewers complained about the difficulty of interpreting claims language. Consequently, claims clearing can be difficult and inconsistent. Sixty percent of reviewers also reported that claims were inconsistent.

Although athena offers comprehensive support, users were disappointed with the quality of customer support. It’s important to note that the system integrates with other systems to eliminate manual data entry.


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