How to Conduct Online AGM Voting in 2022

It can be hard to conduct voting in your virtual AGM. In 2022, when every organization is pivoting to virtual technology from the in-person, you need to take your meetings to a higher level. So, you can choose to conduct an AGM with virtual technology.

But what about the voting? You can conduct the votes efficiently in your virtual AGM. There are various features and functionalities that you can get with online event experts.

So, why wait for long? Here is a complete guide to conducting successful voting at your virtual AGM.

9 Steps to Host Online Voting At a Virtual AGM in 2022!

9 Steps that can be helpful to conduct voting for your virtual AGM in 2022 are as follows:

Decide the Attendees to Include in Voting asper the Topic!

Not everyone can give their opinion and vote on every topic. So, you have to create a list of members that are able to answer such topics. Only a person concerned about something can give you a valid response for it. Moreover, it can be helpful to include the discussions as per the participants and users as per the topics.

Hence, you have to develop more relevance among the various users and topics in order to make it better.

Choose a Virtual Team Meeting Platform with a Live Poll

You can use the live polling option in order to take everyone’s opinion via options. But you have to ensure that you compare and pick the virtual meetings platform that can offer you a live poll in your event. 

You can create a polling per session, single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, bars, pie charts, panels, presentation screen, auditor, or scrutinizer reports.

Such characteristics of a virtual corporate meeting platform can help you achieve easy success. You can gather data and make a decision easily with such real-time vote submission. AI technology will help in the vote-counting as well as show the results like a poll or chart.

An Introduction Guide Video for Attendees

It is necessary to provide a proper direction to the attendees. You can do it easily in an in-person meeting. But navigation can be difficult on a virtual AGM platform. You need to provide a suitable guide video that can help users know where to start and how to reach the voting panel.

The top virtual team meeting platform offers a good guide for the attendees so that they can know every aspect of the event. It guides them to reach every part of the platform and make sure that they can know where to vote and submit their opinions at a virtual meeting.

External Integration

The customizable virtual team meeting platform provides external integrations as well. You can use proper software for voting and getting a safe and sound result. It can be hard to get everyone’s approval on voting at the same platform as a meeting. This type of feature depends on the weightage of the decision.

What type of voting is it for? Why do you need to decide with this voting session?

Hence, some organizations decide to integrate external and professional software for voting and decision-making. You can get the power to conduct the vote with unbeatable safety and security. 

An Error Free Technology for Voting

Voting requires it to be flawless and effortless. But it depends on the technology you have chosen whether you will achieve a blasting outcome or not. To ensure such features and make all the troubles stay away, you have to pick the right technology.

Since the pandemic, virtual technology is the latest; error-free technology you can use for error-free voting in your virtual meeting in 2022. So, you need a virtual AGM platform to conduct a vote at your meeting. It is preferable to the other software and apps.

Safety from Duplicate Votes and Tampering

People worry about the duplicity and temperament in the voting. So, you would need a virtual event solution that can satisfy each and every one with its features and functionality. You can achieve success in right vote counting with the top virtual team meeting platform. It will make it easy with the latest technology and complete safety.

You can get the latest and most untampered data storage that can be helpful to make everyone trust and rely on the platform. The temperaments and duplicacy can be saved with the help of AI technology. Hence, you must integrate artificial intelligence into your virtual meetings platform.

Security of Attendees Logging and Verifications

You can create complete security with the top virtual team meeting platform. It provides proper security to the attendees and maintains the privacy of virtual AGM for success.

Moreover, you can create an employee code for all the employees from the organization that you want to join the meeting. In such a system, every employee gets their own unique code that they need to use to log in to the virtual meetings platform.

Also, you can use the OTP-based solution. All the attendees can use their organization’s email id or mobile number to log in to the virtual corporate meeting platform.

There are more ways like scanning QR codes, generating passwords, or logging through the LinkedIn and Google accounts. It depends on the technology that you rely on and trusts the most.

Results in Real-Time

Every voting requires showing the results in real-time. The decisions have to be live so that everyone can know the final decision and get to share the real-time results. Moreover, you can make and show the results in real-time at your virtual meeting platform by choosing the right solution.

You have to be careful while picking a virtual event expert. They must have the latest technology and AI to count and provide the result asap.

24/7 Real-Time Support Team

You can get complete support from the virtual meetings platform experts. They stay available till the virtual event ends. Moreover, check the best solutions in order to get such features and functionality.

So, these are the various steps that can be helpful in hosting a virtual AGM voting in 2022. You can create and achieve great success.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in conducting successful voting in your virtual AGM this 2022.


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