How often should you wax your car?

Applying wax to your new car works like a shield against acidic compounds such as bird dropping which can damage the paint over time. Along with wax your car, CAR glass cleaner can use to keep your windows and glasses shiny and protected.

Why should you wax your car?

Before proceeding with how often you should wax your new car, let us understand why in the first place you should wax a car.

If you don’t wax your car, it can end up all faded and rusty. As crazy as it sounds, the paint on your car is still somewhat flexible, and if you don’t wax it and keep it pliable, it’ll crack and rust, and once it starts cracking, it is too late. So you need to wax your car so that the cracks never start in the first place.

Now, you don’t wanna wax over the dirt as the dirt will scratch the car and also the wax won’t properly seal the surface of the car.

So, first you need to start by washing your car.

Use a soap which is just meant for washing cars, then rinse the car off. When you are cleaning, always remember our microfiber only formula. The formula is: always using a microfiber cloth to scrub your car. Never use any old t-shirts or anything else.

It is better to wash your car and wax it in a shady place as the sun may spot it up. Always try to do these processes in a cool place. Then rinse the soap off.

After rinsing, wipe and dry your car using a chamois absorber cloth. These are durable and last for years. These dry off water pretty fast and are safe to use which won’t make scratches. It is also called shammy towel and are eco-friendly synthetic cloth pieces and are made from highly absorbent materials. Drying your car is important so that there are no water spots left.

Next comes the patience part. You need to let your car sit for an hour to get it completely dry as you shouldn’t apply wax on a wet car because it won’t work well. You can’t dry your car under the sun. Remember that as it will make the car hot and the wax will not be very effective on it.

Once the above step is complete and your car is completely dry, take out the wax. There are all kinds of waxes- solid ones, liquid ones and the ones that claim to last forever (which obviously is a hyperbole).

The solid waxes are hard and they are a bit difficult to apply but they last long. The liquid ones which can be easily applied don’t hold up well.

The solid wax will have an applicator with it. An applicator is used to apply the wax on the car. So, take the applicator and rub it over the wax and start applying it over your car’s body in circular motion and wait for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, start buffing the wax off with a microfiber towel preferably. Do it in a circular motion for better results. I will suggest you to wax your car section by section for the ease of application and convenience. For example, divide the hood into two sections. Apply the wax in the first section and let it dry and then apply it on the other side.

How often should you wax your new car

There are a lot of people out there who have this question on their mind. Well, it is a good idea to wax your car four times a year. Once for each season. And yeah it could be a hassle and if you’re lazy, you can pay a wax place to wax it for you. But just realize, are they going to do as good a job as you are on your own car?

Besides the doubt of properly applying the wax, you also need to pay to get a wax done. So, save yourself some bucks if possible and do it yourself for a better waxing and saving.

How long does wax last

It’s a pretty broad question. It depends on a number of factors like what kind of weather is in your place, how often do you wash your car and obviously and most importantly what kind of wax are you using?

On the low end, wax can last for just a few weeks. But if you do your wax properly with a good solid wax then it will last about 4 to 5 months and that’s when waxing only 4 times a year makes sense.

If you are using a wax which doesn’t last longer then wax it more number of times for protection and try to get waxes which last the longest. It is also important to note that don’t wash your car unnecessarily after you have waxed it as it will remove the wax.

Don’t scrub your car too hard when washing. Washing your car by waterless car washes can be beneficial and will retain the wax layer.
So, the answer to your question is you should at least wax your car every 4 to 5 months or more often if the wax doesn’t last long. Besides waxes we have a whole lot of car detailing products which will help to keep your car in showroom condition!


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