Can a Dedicated Server Improve the Speed of Your Website

Every company today strives to provide cheap dedicated server hosting and a positive user experience to its site visitors. Consumers are becoming increasingly impatient as technology advances; most are not willing to wait even two seconds for a page to load.

Users will not visit your website if it is too slow, and they will go to your competitors. With today’s rapidly changing shopper behaviour, it’s impossible to disregard the significance of website performance. The Cheap Dedicated Server is the way.

Importance of Website Performance and Speed

The first Impression is Important

The first impression of your website is critical in deciding how consumers will evaluate your company and brand. Customers and website visitors make snap decisions about a company based on personal experience with the dedicated server website.

If your website’s page performance is enhanced, then you’ve automatically made a positive initial impression. A website that loads quickly delights the user and makes him pleased. Users assume that websites that load quickly are more competent and reliable. Humans have long associated efficiency with speed. 

A slow website, on the other hand, is regarded as risky and unreliable. It’s hard to convince users to change their minds once they’ve formed an unfavourable opinion. Nearly 80% of online buyers have stated that if a website’s loading speed is too poor, they will not visit it.

Impact on Google Rankings Directly

The speed of your website directly impacts your Google search engine rating. Google has stated that they want to guarantee that the internet is lightning fast, easy to use, and extremely valuable.

Google’s algorithm has considered website speed as one of the major ranking criteria since 2010. The website speed indicates how quickly a website reacts with the Best Dedicated Server to user requests for information.

Google suggests a page load time of fewer than 3 seconds for both desktop and mobile devices. However, it claims that the average website loading time is presently around 22 seconds. Because the search engine behemoth recognizes that sending people to slow-loading websites degrades the user experience, it prioritises page speed when determining results.

Rate of Conversion:

Numerous research has shown that the speed of a website has a direct impact on a company’s conversion rate. Clients want to enjoy fast-loading websites versus slow-loading websites, which results in increased conversions. Many firms have found that even a little reduction in page loading time leads to an increase in conversions: 

Mobify reduced its loading time by 100 milliseconds and saw a 1.11 percent growth in session-based conversions. Likewise, Walmart reported that a one-second improvement in page time resulted in a 2% boost in conversion.

How Your Host Affects the Speed of Your Website

How can you tell if your web host has all you need to keep your website running smoothly? There are some important elements to keep an eye out for, including:

Hard Drive.

There are two different types of hard drives to think about. Data is stored on both Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). SSDs use flash memory, which is noticeably faster than the traditional HHD technique of writing data to the disc. If you want to enhance your website speed, search for a good plan that includes SSDs.

Random Access Memory (RAM). 

RAM is the memory storage that handles various scripts that may be launched via your website from an internet browser. RAM is defined in gigabytes (GBs), and you’ll need to see if your plan has enough of it. Two GBs should suffice for a low-key website with light traffic, based on the type of dedicated server you have and the apps installed on your servers.


This is also what determines how much data your dedicated server can handle. You can think of bandwidth as a proper network through which data flows. The more restricted the data, the lengthier it will take to deliver. Having this in mind, You can calculate how much bandwidth you’ll need to check if a specific best dedicated server hosting package is right for you.

When you examine some of the fastest WordPress hostings, you’ll see that their tiers clearly describe what they give for the items listed above. WP Engine, for example, is often regarded as the quickest dedicated server hosting India available, with super-quick average loading times. All of its plans are SSD-based, and the cheap dedicated server India tier comes with 10 GB of memory.

Factors that Improve the Speed of your Website


In a dedicated server environment, the dedicated server may not be able to meet all of your website’s requirements. As a result, if your website stores a large number of files or is experiencing traffic spikes, you might consider switching web providers or upgrading your existing dedicated server hosting plan.

Factors Affecting PC Performance Include:

Due to cache memory as well as other elements such as viruses, these elements also influence the performance of a website. Whenever a user’s cache memory is filled, he or she won’t be able to save any more information on other websites. In addition, a slow CPU might degrade the performance of a website. Aside from that, some browsers are unable to show all forms of content, including flash content. As a result of bad browser and app selections, page speed suffers.

Plugins and Widgets:

Widgets and plugins with dedicated server India are designed to enhance the functionality of your website. However, if you employ several of these, your web pages will load slowly. In reality, the more plugins and widgets you install, the more effort your website will have to do while it loads.


If you have developed a lightweight website, but the network is slow, you may still experience loading troubles then buy a dedicated server. The quality of local networking equipment and ISP services has a significant impact on network accessibility.

Even though the connection speed is slow, strategies like minification, compression, and dedicated hosting material with a CDN can help deliver online resources rapidly.


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