Book Marketing: The Secret to Selling 10,000 Self-Published Books

Although achieving a milestone like selling 10,000 self-published books can look hard, that is not the case. Many people have done it, and people question them: Was it luck? How did it happen? How were out able to market it to so many people? Did someone help you with it?

If your book is written in a good way, you can successfully sell thousands of copies in no time. However, it is not the case. Following are some of the secrets that will help you achieve your milestone of selling 10000 self-published books.

1.   Write a good book:

Many people have published poorly written and badly edited self-published books, which did not work out great. Since getting your book published has become so easy that there’s an impulse to get anything out there. People just want to publish their book without vigorous research or editing to get quick success. Don’t be hasty. It takes a lot of time to complete and edit your book. Your work should be highly checked with no errors. Ensure that all the editing, spell-checking, formatting consistency, and plot holes are appropriately revised. If you don’t want to reread it and make necessary edits, hire a ghostwriter. No matter how you market the product, if there is an issue, it can be bad for sales.

2.   Build your platform

It is suggested that you build a platform. Find a place where you can define your plans and methods and connect with the reader. When you are in direct contact with the reader selling a book can become easy for you. If you are a full-time author, consider touring and if not, then find a good publicist. The online path is excellent for a first-time author. Be it website, social media, amazon author page, or email list. These platforms will help you meet your target audience and sell them your book.

3.    Make Website:

When you publish a book, you need a website to market and promote it to the world. Having a website will help you keep the conversation going. It is a platform where the fans can be in direct touch with you. Although you will have zero traffic and no visitors, be patient. It will take time to see clicks and email sign-ups.

4.   Social media:

Social media is a great way to connect with people. It is a holy grail of marketing in the current times; however, don’t overdo it. Use It to your benefit in a limited way. Stick with the sites you know will have your target audience. This can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Wattpad, etc.

When you know what audience to target, plan a marketing strategy accordingly. However, try everything for yourself and see what would be the best fit for your self-published books and what feels suitable for you.

5.   Amazon author and book pages:

If you are a self-published author, use every space that amazon gives you. Put more than 100 words in your book description box. Avoid leaving anything blank. Also, try to add genre-specific keywords in the description. It will help your boom to rank higher.

There are a lot of features on amazon that can help your book gain popularity and sell well. Most writers who fail to sell copies of their books do not know how to use these features to their benefit. Make your author page enjoyable by posting blogs and tweets.

6.   • Email list:

Creating an email list is a battle, but it is worth the results. Getting people interested in your book can become challenging when you are a new author. Through an email list, you can give them codes and discounts. Grow your audience with this list through blogging, posting, tweeting, and emailing. It will help you increase the sales of your book and achieve your set milestone.

7.    • Online advertising:

Invest some money in getting your book advertised online. Many sites will offer you paid advertising. If you can afford it, then go for these countdown promotions. It will boost your exposure. Set a budget and then an end date and get started. Figure out how much and where you want your ads to run. You can run your ads on Facebook/Instagram, Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc.

It will help you increase your visibility and reach, ultimately resulting in more sales of the book.

8.   Record an audiobook:

Record an audiobook. It is a bit tough, but it will help you gain visibility quite quickly as a new author. People nowadays have become so busy that they barely have time to do anything. They move towards listening to the book instead of reading it. So invest in getting your book in audio too. It will help you attract your busy customers and Sell your book.

9.   Pursue book reviews and exposure:

One of the top-selling points of every self-published book is having great reviews. When readers visit your site, they will more likely want to know how the other readers felt about the book.

You can ask your friends and family and others to post short reviews. You can even collaborate with book bloggers and influencers and send them a copy of your book and ask them to review it. Since these influencers have a huge fan following, they will help you tap into a greater audience than before.

When there are enough reviews on sites like amazon, they will consider your book as well-known and would start to rank it up and recommend others.

Moreover, try to visit libraries and book clubs and promote your book there. It will help you in increasing your sales percentage.

10.   Conclusion:

Marketing your book is necessary to increase your sales. Especially when you need to reach a milestone of selling 10,000, put reasonable effort into it. Use a bit of money investment and purchase ads. Make the best use of the social media email list. And not only try to promote it in person But spread the word about your book. this way you can sell your book more than before.


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