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10 Best Road Trips in India Inspired by Bollywood

Bollywood is a goldmine for travelling places if you’re considering setting out on an excursion soon. What better way to go for holiday, then to do a road trip? Although road trip is a new concept in India, still, it doesn’t deter most people from embarking on a journey to find their piece of mind! So here are 10 Bollywood inspired road trips in India, to inspire you to go on your very own soul-searching journey!


Highway is a movie which is etched in all of our minds- ranging from Alia Bhatt’s amazing performance to the impeccable plot, everything is brilliant! And, it is also the perfect road trip inspiration movie! Unlike other movies, Highway captures the North in its very raw form. Shot extensively in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Kashmir- the journey of Mahabir and Veera is one in which you’ll surely find your soul. The organic fashion in which all these places are portrayed will surely inspire you to explore the North one more time!

Best time to visit: Extensively shot in Spiti Valley, June to mid-October is the season to keep in mind. But if you are not that faint-hearted, then the snow covered Spiti Valley during December to March is a must do.


Jab We Met is one of our favourite movies, right? The simple plot, amazing performances, and note-worthy locales make it a perfect movie to draw inspiration from. Also, the movie has some of the best places to go on a road trip to! Starting from the railway tracks, the movie takes us to the hills of the Himachal, and then slowly snakes through the mountainous roads of Manali and Shimla. Also, you get to visit Bhatinda too, at the end! From Manali Castle to Rohtang Pass- this movie covers it all!

Best time to visit: Both summers and winters are great for a trip to Himachal Pradesh. Try to avoid visit during July to September, as the monsoon season can be dangerous.


South India is known to be a beautiful place- with all possible flora and fauna. Chennai Express captures the beauty of the South like no other! It is shot with aerial views, making the tea estates, the quaint towns, and everything else look all the more beautiful. Special mention is the majestic Dudhsagar Fall- the beauty of the fall is impeccable in the movie. Also, other than the waterfall, the beautiful and lush hill town of Munnar is also a sight to behold and comes in various scenes of the movie.

Best time to visit: November to February.


This movie is shot in locations such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur. The way in which the movie shows us the different colours of India, on their way to Delhi, is truly commendable. It’ll surely make you want to embark on your road trip with friends!

Best time to visit: The best time to visit any of these places is in the winter months of November to February.


Dil Chahta Hai was the movie that opened avenues for the Indian cinema-goers and defined to us what a road trip should be like. Unsurprisingly, Dil Chahta Hai is a road trip taking place in Goa. This is the movie which made Goa the ultimate place to go to when thinking of a trip with friends! So what are you waiting for? Make that dream a reality!

Best time to visit: Mid-November to Mid-February.


The father-daughter duo in Piku, along with the taxi company owner, embark on a road trip from Delhi to Kolkata. Now that sounds interesting! Varanasi is a beautiful sight to behold when they stop over at night. Not to mention, when they’re in Kolkata, the city’s landscape will instantly make you want to embark on that much-needed road trip- especially with your family.

Best time to visit: October to February.


Who can forget the iconic road trip of Shah Rukh Khan in Dil Se? As he travels from New Delhi to Assam to cover the festivities there, we are taken on a beautiful and breathtaking journey and the iconic Chaiyya Chaiyya dance, on top of the train. No wonder it made us want to go on our very own solo travel trip!

Best time to visit: November to March.


3 Idiots is our favourite movie, period! This movie made generations of people in our country laugh and cry and feel for the main characters at the same time. And more importantly, it showed the audience the real meaning of friendship. So naturally, the road trip that Raju and Farhan go on, along with Chatur, makes for a perfect road trip. They travel Manali to Ladakh to find their lost friend, and so should you, to appreciate your friendship better!

Best time to visit: If you like the cold, then visit Manali during September to February. On the other hand, if you want a pleasant weather, then visit during March to June.

June to August is the best time to visit Ladakh as the weather is pleasant, summer is in full bloom, and the snow has melted. Also, the colourful Hemis Festival is held during this time.


Finding Fanny was a film that showed Goa like no one else! Taking a break from the rave parties, this film showed us what the quiet and picturesque places of Goa were like. The virgin beaches and the quiet idyllic town gave us a different picture of the place altogether. Be prepared to be inspired by this film majorly!

Best time to visit: If you’re looking for a quiet getaway to Goa, then it’s best to visit during March to May.

10. ROAD PE!

Not a lot of you probably remember the movie Road, released in 2002. The movie shows an amazing road trip scene between the two lovebirds Arvind and Lakshmi- from Delhi to Rajasthan. They pass through the vast desert and the sheer expanse of the sand will make you want to go out ASAP!

Best time to visit: October to February.

So here was the list of 10 Bollywood inspired road trips in India. Road trips are a great way to know and understand the people with whom you’re travelling- strengthening your bonds in the process. Conversely, it is also a great way to know and understand yourself! So don’t wait anymore- pack the essentials, take your car, and venture out into the wild! Happy travelling!


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