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Heart Disease is a condition affecting the heart and its symptoms causes difficulty in breathing for the patient. It is usually common after reaching a certain age, but due to various addictions and improper care and a ruckus lifestyle, it is found in the young age group as well.


The condition which can affect the cardiovascular disease system is known as Heart Disease, and there are many types of disease that affect the heart and blood vessels in different ways. Let’s understand these:

  •  Coronary artery disease

This disease is the most common heart disease, also known as coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease can be caused by atherosclerosis (forming cholesterol in arteries). This results in artery narrowing, which causes a heart attack or stroke. Blood cannot flow freely through narrowed arteries.

  •   Congenital heart defects

This disease is caused in a person at birth(develops during pregnancy), the baby in the womb.

Causes that can affect heart disease.

Some risk factors affect the causes of heart disease.

●      Damage to all or part of the heart

●      A problem with the rhythm of the heart

●      Less supply of nutrients and oxygen to the heart

●      A problem with the blood vessel which leads to the heart or from the heart

According to WHO ( world health organisations), poverty and stress level are also the two main factors that cause heart disease.

Symptoms of having a heart disease

Some heart specialist doctors explain that the symptoms of heart disease depend on the specific type of heart disease and health condition the person has. And also, some heart disease conditions have no symptoms.

Common symptoms of heart disease include:

●      Breathing difficulty

●      Chest pain

●      Fatigue and lightheaded

It can lead to a cardiac arrest. It is a condition in which the heart stops working, and the body can no longer function. An immediate medical attention is required when this symptom of heart attack is shown in a person.

How can you prevent yourself from heart disease?

Prevention of heart problems can be done by modifying the lifestyle and treating well to the body. Some of the measures to change your lifestyle into better living are mentioned below, which can prevent the risk of a heart attack.

These are:

●      Regular exercise can help you in strengthening the heart system by reducing cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure

●      Eating a balanced diet of food rich in fibres and filled with fruits and vegetables

●      Doing yoga to reduce the level of stress and anxiety

●      Quitting smoking and avoiding drinking alcohol which is one of the major causes of the problems in heart condition

●      Maintaining a body weight by keeping it in healthy mass, which is 20 and 25.

What are the treatments available for heart disease?

Treatment of heart disease depends on the specific type of heart condition a person has. Some common treatment includes medication strategy, changing lifestyle and undergoing surgery.


●      Antiplatelet therapy to prevent clot

●      Beta-blockers to treat arrhythmias and angina

●      Anticoagulants to prevent clots, clotting ability in which blood is decreased

●      Digital is to treat heart failure and arrhythmias.

●      Vasodilators to help ease chest pain

●      Diuretics to lower blood pressure and remove excess water from the body.

Surgeries that are commonly done

Some common surgery to perform in treating heart blockage and heart problems

●      Coronary artery bypass surgery or also called heart bypass surgery

●      Replacing or repairing the valve

●      Laser treatment

●      Coronary angiography

●      Heart pacemaker surgery

●      Maze surgery to help treat atrial fibrillation

There are various heart surgery hospitals in Delhi to treat your heart condition either by medication strategy or surgery. In some cases, if a person takes steps to prevent heart disease like getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, or seeking advice when the first symptoms appear, they can cure their heart condition.


Heart disease can be found in 6 out of 10 people even when they are taking  proper medicines and care. Initially, it is not expensive but having major symptoms creates a critical condition for people to even survive. People should take such a disease with utmost seriousness.


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