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How to Enhance the Growth of Your Instagram

Did you know that your Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month? And 90% of Instagram users have at least one company Instagram profile.

Isn’t it great?

If you are a marketer who wants to market their services or products, Instagram opens up several possibilities. It is a fantastic way to discover new Instagram followers, interact with them, and increase sales.

However, it’s not all roses and sunshine.

Are you aware of ways to draw more users to the Instagram account? How can you convince people to follow the performance you have on Instagram? Sure, you can purchase 10000 followers on Instagram with Mr. Insta for a starter.

This post will talk about some tried-and-true Instagram strategies for growing your Instagram account.

Here are a few of the most effective Instagram growth strategies you can implement to increase your presence on the internet:


1. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags can help people discover your content. If they are used correctly, hashtags can also help increase your content reach and increase engagement.

They can certainly help you with your marketing strategy; however, only if you can utilize them correctly. For example, generic hashtags like #fitness or #beauty are often used. Therefore, your post could be lost in the other tagged posts. This is the reason you should make use of hashtags wisely.

Software like HashtagsForLikes can assist you in finding Instagram hashtags relevant to your audience. and suitable to your followers.

This tool will also allow you to determine what hashtags your competition uses and the type of engagement they receive. This information will aid you in determining what your potential customers’ conversations are about.

Instagram allows users to utilize thirty hashtags in a post. However, that doesn’t mean you need to use that many hashtags in every post. Overuse of hashtags could create a false impression, make your Instagram profile appear sloppy, and even impact the engagement rate.

The engagement rate fell as the number of hashtags utilized increased based on a study.


2. Optimize Your Instagram’s Posting Schedule

Did you know that 347.222 users scroll on their Instagram feed each minute?


What is this going to mean for your company?

To attract interest from your fans to be noticed on Instagram, You must post additional content. If you do not, your content might be lost in the sea of posts, which means it won’t be able to reach your intended audience.

Keep in mind that Instagram currently displays posts following interests or relationships and timelines. Your followers will be able to view your posts whether they’re interested in the topic or have previously engaged with your brand.

To see an Instagram increase in followers To increase your Instagram account, you must post content more often and plan your posts strategically. It would help if you determined the times when your followers are most likely to have a busy time and then plan your Instagram posts following that.

A variety of studies have attempted to determine the most effective timing for businesses to post on Instagram. According to CoSchedule, the ideal time to post differs from industry to industry.

But, each Instagram account is unique. An effective strategy for one brand or business could not be appropriate for another.

To determine the most appropriate time to post on Instagram, observing how people interact in response to your content is essential. Make sure to post frequently and follow when you receive the highest engagement. Be aware of the type of content that gets a positive response.

You can also utilize the tools for social media listening to learn about your customers’ preferences. Based on this information, you will be able to create a posting schedule that can improve growth on your Instagram growth.


3. Engage your Audience

It’s essential to engage your followers to increase your Instagram growth. It’s a must. The process of building engagement isn’t just about sharing engaging content. It is essential to be active social media managers in the comments section.

Inspire your readers to like your posts, share them with friends, and even comment on your posts. Additionally, spend time responding to their comments. When responding, stay away from the use of generic words. Maintain a natural tone and remain casual.

In addition, you could follow your loyal Instagram followers, who can assist you in growing your network in return.


4. Make use of Instagram Stories, Videos, and Live Videos

Instagram Video and Stories are fantastic to help with Instagram growth. They let you be innovative and connect with your followers in different ways.

However, that’s not all.

Video posts can get 2.1x more comments. They also have an engagement rate of 38% more than photo posts. Therefore, when you have more video content to post, the higher the likelihood of sharing and viewing your content with new viewers.


5. Leverage UGC

User-generated content is among the most effective ways to gain an increase in Instagram followers in addition to engagement. By harnessing the potential of UGC to increase your Instagram growth. If you master this technique, it will significantly increase your exposure and visibility on the internet.

What are the best ways to start the process of creating your personal UGC Campaign?

Find a hashtag and ask the customers and followers to post photos as they use your product. You could also post images of your customers using your product for the Instagram profile page.

One company that can do this efficiently is Lush.

They share photos from customers on their accounts, and it also serves as an indication of their recommendation. This can help them earn the confidence of their new Instagram followers and potential customers.

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