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How time tracking software helps in Project Management?

Time tracking can be a serious hassle. Suppose you’re working on an important task and you have to answer an imminent call. You finish with it but another colleague wants you to approve some documents right away. Can you accurately recall how much time you’ve worked on each activity? Hard to tell.

But not all of us can multitask. And many people don’t even like tracking their time.

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So what can you do?

Try automatic online time tracking tools as an alternative for small businesses or corporate. It eliminates the need to press your computer tracker’s start button whenever you want to clock in or out. Also, you won’t have to worry about leaving your timer on overnight and waking up to see 10+ hours added to your task. This allows you to stay focused on what you’re working on and worry less about time-tracking technicalities.

Plus, it’s what worked to discover whether I was wasting time. It’s ideal for people who tend to give in to distractions. This is why it’s one great tool that facilitates procrastination help, thus boosting personal productivity.

To find out how  time tracking software can help you and your team with task management and work without interruptions, let’s first take a look at some of its benefits in detail (or you can go straight to our PaymoPlus use case to see the tool in action):

Better chance of meeting deadlines

When it comes to deadlines, it’s always better to have things done a few hours earlier than a minute too late, as Shakespeare put it, and a simple time tracker can help you out. If your team is working on a project and you notice that things are moving slower than expected, you can use the detailed time entries in your automated time tracking software to see where the roadblock is.

An employee might be spending too much time on a minor task or some members of the team are overwhelmed and need help. Noticing this in time will make it easier for you to fix unpleasant situations and still meet your project deadlines.

Your team’s work will never go unpaid

Automatic time tracking will give you an accurate report of how your employees spend their time. Not a single minute will remain unbilled. If they were to use a regular timer, there could be activities they might not even take into consideration or forget about, like sending an email to a client or talking to a colleague about a project. All these add up and it’s only fair they get paid for them.

With everything being so precise, you won’t have to worry about overcharging the client either. There will be no more guesstimates, which will give both you and your client a sense of satisfaction.

Improved project estimations

If you can accurately assess how much time each member spends on a task, you can allot the right budget hours to a project with similar tasks.

Say you have a $5,000 budget for a project that would typically take 250 hours to complete. You remember from a previous project that your web designer spent 50 hours in Photoshop when you only thought it would take him 30 hours. You can adjust your budget to set up estimates that are closer to reality, which in return can serve as proof for the client if necessary.

Avoiding work overload

By accurately estimating how much time your employees need on specific tasks and projects, you can avoid overworking them. You will no longer take on projects and realize the deadline can’t be met and then be forced to make your employees work overtime. This will create unnecessary frustration that can totally be avoided.

You can free time for useful work and discover workflow inefficiencies as well. Through this, the whole purpose behind automatic tracking is revealing the most productive activities, helping the team members that need more support, and finding out under what conditions they perform their best.

Prioritizing important tasks

There are important tasks, urgent tasks, and also non-essential ones. You want your team to focus on what’s important and take care of the urgent problems, but few of them are truly urgent.

If you knew exactly how everyone in your team spends their time, you can spot early on if one of your employees is spending too much time on a non-important task. Let them know what your expectations are so they can realign their priorities.

More productivity by avoiding time drains

Some of your employees will spend a lot of time on Facebook or compulsively checking their email. That makes you wonder how much time they spend productively and how much they literally lose due to behavioral patterns. Many of them would be surprised to find out the truth about their work performance. And it’s not like they waste time on purpose – well, maybe sometimes – but that’s not the point.

Most of them get into habits they aren’t even aware of. Then, they wonder where the time has gone by at the end of the day. This is where an automated time tracking app like PaymoPlus is useful. It can help them become aware of their bad habits and replace them with better ones. This will help your employees become more productive and feel better about themselves and their work. After all, if they can’t acknowledge they have a problem, they can’t fix it, right?

Less frustration for employees

Many people find the need to start and stop a timer quite irritating. Some of them are heavy multitaskers, being quite inconvenient for them to remember to maintain the timer in between tasks. Others forget about it or simply get distracted by other activities like reading articles or checking social media.

With an automated time tracker, your team members can install, open, and forget about it. It’ll automatically start recording their activities every time they boot up their computer. Their work will be instantly pulled in. This way, they can forget about the timer and match everything up at the end of the day. Likewise, they will no longer feel the need to put in fabricated estimates in their timesheets when they realize they forgot about the timer.

Help coordinate your business

Managing a team is not a walk in the park, but with DeskTrack (automated time tracking software) managers get a helping hand when it comes to finding out everything employees work on. This type of method can help leaders capture worked hours, allocate the right resources, improve productivity rates, set accurate estimates, adapt to budget changes, and identify bottlenecks.

They can even get full control of all these activities as they are the ones who can approve a timesheet (provided the used tool has a timesheet approval system). But here’s the gist: you don’t need such a feature to monitor your team. You can have a look at their timesheets at any time and see if their work hits the mark. In fact, automatic time tracking tools create this kind of smart timesheets, making them available immediately at the end of the day.


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