Where To Buy Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry?

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry And Earrings

lab grown diamond jewelry are growing in popularity as more and more people get on board with buying eco-friendly jewelry made without damaging the Earth or using unethical diamond mining practices. The best part? You can get your very own lab-grown diamond earrings or even an entire piece of lab-grown diamond jewelry through companies like ALT Jewelry, all from the comfort of your own home!

Lab Grown Diamonds – What Are They

They are known as man-made diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds. The way they are made is by injecting carbon dioxide into a diamond seed, heating it under high pressure, and then pulling out any impurities. A special type of glue is then put into that and you get your lab grown diamond earrings or another jewelry piece. It takes hundreds of thousands of years to create real diamonds.

With lab-grown crystals, it only takes weeks to months using less energy than mining in Africa or China where most natural diamonds come from. lab grown diamond jewelry crystals are completely eco-friendly! Now you can wear that shiny rock on your finger without worrying about blood diamonds being used or natural resources depleting just to make beautiful jewelry pieces!

Lab Grown Diamonds – Buying Guide

Lab grown diamonds have all of their facets cut by a machine. Natural mined diamonds, on the other hand, are far more expensive. Buying lab grown diamond jewelry means you can skip over most of these steps to save money. But before we dive into buying lab grown diamonds, it’s important to know what they are, who makes them, where they come from and how they compare to natural diamonds in both price and quality.

This short guide can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your earrings or diamond ring online. Lab-grown diamonds were first produced decades ago but were initially called cultured diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry & Earrings – Store Reviews

Shopping for lab grown diamond jewelry can be a tedious task, especially when it comes to earrings. It is a daunting task to shop around to find exactly what you want. But there is an alternative. An online jeweler named Karat 22 has everything that you will need from lab grown diamond earrings to pendants, necklaces and bracelets that are made from perfectly cut diamonds. Their selection is boundless; their designs are awe-inspiring; their craftsmanship pristine.

They also have been in business since 1985 so they have had plenty of time to perfect their techniques by working with natural diamonds as well as using state of art equipment to replicate them efficiently on command for many generations to come.

Lab Grown Diamonds – History Of Growing

lab grown diamond jewelry have been available for only a few years but already have gained popularity. There are even a lab growing colored diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are being marketed as earth-friendly alternatives to mined stones. In fact, in 2013 a study was conducted that showed that 14% of consumers said they would buy lab-grown diamonds if they were less expensive than mined diamonds. However, there is some confusion about what exactly makes them different from their mined counterparts.

It all comes down to how each diamond is produced and there are big differences between natural growth and man-made production. If you want to get more information on how to buy lab grown diamond jewelry or earrings then please read our post on how much are lab grown diamonds?

Contact Us

No one knows lab-grown diamonds better than we! If you’re interested in learning more about lab grown diamond jewelry or purchasing a beautiful pair of earrings, contact our Customer Care Team today. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, they are just created in laboratories instead of mined from deep beneath the earth.

For those that want their earrings to sparkle without breaking their budget or supporting unethical mining practices, lab grown diamond jewelry is a great choice. Choosing an lab-grown diamond means your earrings will be earth-friendly while still looking stunning with all the fire, brilliance and lustre of natural diamonds.

Our lab-grown diamonds come in almost every colour of the rainbow so you can find a pair of earrings that match any outfit. We also offer custom settings for your lab-grown diamond earrings so if you have a favourite design in mind, we can make it happen! Plus, if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for an exchange or refund. Contact us today to learn more about lab grown diamond rings and which pairs would look best on you!

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