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Vastu Dosh: Know what the Vastu Shastra of toilet says

It should be known by you that most of the problems which occur in any family’s life are due to their own different kinds of Vastu Shastra defects because in this modern period of time people seem to ignore this art of astrology because for them this art is nothing more than just some whispers. But it isn’t and they also realise later on but, then they are not able to do anything. So, due to this reason in this article, we’re going to discuss Vastu defects or you can also consider it as dosha which can arise through your toilet house. Yes, you read correct toilet because, this art of astrology is said to be having an effect on each and every kind of your life and toilet might be simple to hear but, it is also having its own importance in your house and also in your life because if you dig in science then you can know that most of the illness which spread in any fellow’s life is due to their reason of toilet and it is obvious that this art of astrology has got to do something with that due to which in order to provide you with some kind of help we have provided you different kinds of solution of this problem of their life. So, for more details be with us –

What exactly is Vastu of Toilet?

It is obviously known by you that each and every place of your house is having their own different astrological preference to be in a certain way which is being stated out by this art of Vastu Shastra. And as per this art of astrology, it can be known that if you are the fellow who is building your dream house and you have ignored this factor of Vastu of the toilet then will not just only become a hurdle for you some kind of health issues but, it is also going to create different kinds of hurdle in your career and that is something which cannot be bear by any fellow of this society due to which it is being suggested to every fellow to follow this art of Vastu for their any kind of thing which they are building. So, now you might think that whether or not something from which you can avoid problems coming your way then your answer to this question is yes and some of those ways are provided below –

1. Mirror –

If you are the fellow who has messed up construction while building your house but, if you are going to make then it should be noted by you that it should be facing north-east direction but, even you are not able to build it in that way there is one thing which should be taken very seriously by each and every fellow which is if you are placing a mirror in your toilet then as per this art of astrology it can be stated to you that it should only be the north or east direction of your toilet.

2. Toilet door –

If you are the fellow who is being harassed due to their respected Vastu defects in the toilet of your house then as per this art of astrology it can be guided to you that you should always keep your door of toilet closed and not just only this but, if you are having any mirror in your toilet then you have to make sure that it does not present in front of a mirror because it can cause you different kind of negativity.

3. Colour of the bucket –

It is obvious that colour also plays a very important role in this art of Vastu Shastra and due to this reason if you are the fellow who is having a bucket of any other colour than blue then you have to throw it out because as per this art of astrology it can be stated to you that it is only colour which can be beneficial for you in your toilet.

4. Toilet and bathroom –

It should be noted by you that no matter what happens during construction toilet should not be built in the west direction of your house.So, this was all which we are able to provide you through this article of ours. We are hoping that with this article of ours you are able to understand the impact and importance of this Vastu Dosha in your toilet. If you are the fellow who is going to build their house and you are in need of an astrologer or you are not able to solve your problem of dosha from our information provided above then as per us it is only fair that you consult to Astrologer in Ahmedabad because he is only astrologer who can help you out in such situations.

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