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How Should We Combine EML Files With PST Files With Best Solution?

Get the Best Solution for Combining EML Files with PST Files.

We’ll talk about the same issue briefly here because many users were looking for a solution to combine EML files with PST files. So, take your time reading this blog and stay tuned for additional updates.

Query from a user: Hi! In an IT firm, I work as a Business Developer. In order to manage their tasks, I need to speak with a variety of clients. I recently received some vital information in EML format. Now I was looking for a way to convert my EML files to pst format. Please propose an effective professional solution EML to PST converter for resolving the problem in a short period of time. Thank you very much!!

— Washington, DC, Leonardo

EML file – An EML file is a file that simply includes individual email messages. Because it only saves the contents for a single email message, an EML file is quite compact. It saves the email text, sender information, recipient information, and the message’s date.

PST file – The PST (Personal Storage Table) file is part of the Microsoft Outlook application and holds all of a user’s mailbox data. This differs from an EML file in that it is a huge container for storing several mailbox folders in a structured fashion.

Common Reasons for Combining  EML Files with PST Files

Users are required to complete this action for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the reasons:

If a user is having trouble using critical EML data, all of the EML files should be converted to PST format.

One of the main reasons for this conversion is the corruption of EML files.

Microsoft Outlook is regarded as one of the safest email applications available. It provides its consumers with a plethora of fantastic features.

Users will also have to merge the EML files to PST if the specified account is deleted.

These are some of the most prevalent reasons why users seek a solution to this problem.

What are the Different Methods of Converting EML to PST Format?

Users can solve this query using one of two methods:

1. Using a Manual

2. Non-Manual Methodology

Using a Manual Solution to Convert EML to PST

Method 1: Drag-and-Drop — If the user only has a few EML files, they can simply drag and drop them into an Outlook folder. However, Microsoft Outlook must be installed on the PC in order to use this method:

To begin, go to the application menu and select MS Outlook.

Then, navigate to the location where the EML files were saved.

After that, choose between a single EML file and several EML files.

Drop the mouse hold and use the cursor to drag & drop these files into an Outlook folder.

The files are finally relocated.

Method 2: Use Windows Live Mail.

If you’re still using an older version of Windows Live Mail, you can quickly be combining EML files with PST files format, which is supported by Exchange. Follow the steps below:

To begin, go to the toolbar and select File, then Export Email. Then select Email Messages from the drop-down menu.

Select Microsoft Exchange as the program from which you’d like to export your emails now. Next should be selected.

‘This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange,’ reads a notification that follows after that. Click the OK button.

Then, choose the folder you’d like to move to Outlook. Individual folders can be selected using a different option. Click the OK button.

The messages have begun to be exported. You can cancel the process by clicking the Cancel button.

The procedure for exporting has been completed. Your messages were successfully exported using the Microsoft Exchange format, according to the successful message. Finish by clicking the Finish button.


The above options will not provide users with a 100 percent guarantee. These steps will assist users in converting a small number of EML files. Bulk EML file conversion will not be possible. As a result, the task will take a long time to complete.

Furthermore, these procedures are rife with complexities. As a result, it is preferable to choose a technical solution.

Using an Automated Method – A Direct Approach

EML to PST Converter Software is a fantastic program that is suitable for both technical and non-technical users. It is capable of performing thorough EML analysis without the need for any email client. During the EML conversion procedure, the tool always maintains message integrity. It has no size restrictions, and users can upload multiple EML files to the software panel and subsequently combine them. This utility will complete the task without affecting any data. Selective data can also be exported to PST format. Users may also try out the tool in a demo mode, which is another fantastic feature.

Let’s have a look at how this application works in order to ensure a smooth process.

Lines of Conclusion

In this essay, we’ll go through how to combine EML files with PST files in a nutshell. Many customers were looking for a solution to this problem but were unable to find one that was perfect. We’ve covered both technical and non-technical users in this article. You are free to use it how you see fit. However, as previously said, it is preferable if the user takes a professional approach.

The user can easily complete this work by following the above-mentioned software methods. As a result, we expect that after reading this message, users will not be left with any problems.

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