6 Tips To Make Your ‘Loan Against Commercial Property’ Application Impressive

Loans can be got against commercial properties too!

Lenders offer loans against commercial property, which you can use for various purposes. They are a great way of raising money when you need it in a hurry. They also work well for personal emergencies or for expanding your business. 

A loan against your commercial property gets you higher loan amounts and competitive interest rates. You just have to prepare the application correctly. Read the guidelines provided by the lender and know the exact questions that you will be asked in the application. Then prepare the required documents and get the application done on time.

Plan And Prepare The Loan Details Early On

First things first, you need to plan out the details of the loan you want to get against your commercial property. This will help you in getting the required information and preparing the documents required. It will also give you an idea about the amount you will be required to pay as an initial payment and the amount you can borrow. This will help you in preparing a rough estimate about the cost of the loan.

Know Your Credit Score

Your credit history is one of the biggest factors that determine the amount you can borrow and the interest rate you will have to pay in a loan. In order to know your credit score, you can use CreditMantri’s online credit score calculator. You can also use online resources to know your credit score. If you have taken a loan against your commercial property in the past, you can use your past loan amount, interest rate and monthly payment to calculate your credit score.

Fix Any Errors On Your Credit Score

You will find a lot of information regarding your credit history on your credit report. Look for any errors that are present and fix them. This will help you improve your credit score and enable you to qualify for a higher loan amount. Some common errors can be in your repayment history, personal details, and even the number of loans and credit cards in your name. Since these information are crucial in arriving at your credit score, you should ensure that there are no errors there

Find Out Your Loan Amount Eligibility

You have to know your eligibility for a loan against commercial property before applying. The lender will tell you the maximum loan amount that you can qualify for. It will depend on your 

 If your income is more than the eligibility criteria, then you can apply for a loan against your commercial property.

Find Out The Eligibility Criteria Sought By The Lender

If you want to get a loan against your commercial property, it is a good idea to know the eligibility criteria that is required by the lender. It will also save you from going through the process of applying for a loan for a higher amount than what you can qualify for. You can get the eligibility criteria sought by the lender from the lender’s website.

Some of the most common eligibility criteria are: 

  • Citizenship: You must be an Indian resident or NRI.
  • Age: You must be between the ages of 25 and 75 to apply for this loan.
  • Employment Status: Commercial property loans are exclusively available to self-employed or business owners.
  • Business Experience: You must have three years of experience in your present business to qualify for this financing.

Remember that the minimum income criterion, as well as the other factors listed above, may differ from one lending institution to the next. Furthermore, you should check over the list of essential documents to make sure your loan application runs as easily as possible.

Prepare Your Pitch Clearly – Be Ready To Explain Your Needs

Since getting a loan against your commercial property is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make for your business, it is important that you clearly explain your situation and your needs to the lending officer. This will help you get the best possible advice and guidance, as well as a more accurate estimate of your eligibility for the loan. It will also help you avoid any delays or unexpected issues that could have been avoided had you prepared in advance. 


The application process for a loan against commercial property is relatively easy. All you have to do is gather the necessary documents and information, and then provide it to the lender. The most important thing to remember while preparing your application is to keep it concise and clear. This will help you get the best advice and guidance, as well as an accurate estimate of your eligibility for the loan.

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