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Kumara Parvatha Trek Things To Do


Coorg, the paradisiacal location of the Western Ghats, is an excellent spot overflowing with numerous delights of nature. One among them is Kumara Parvatha, which at 1,712m is the second most elevated peak in Coorg and the 6th in Karnataka. 

Situated at the edge of Coorg and Dakshina Kannada, this transcending top is a piece of the grand Pushpagiri scope of the Western Ghats and is settled away in the midst of rich and verdant wildernesses. Discovering the course to Kumara Parvatha journey is enchanting since it takes you across probably the most dazzling breaks of nature lined by verdure on one or the other side. 

In any case, on the off chance that you are not an eager adventurer, at that point the Kumara Parvatha Trekking course may represent a couple of difficulties en route. Notwithstanding, have confidence that each exertion you take will be compensated by shocking scenes from the mountains. Sprinkled with trails, both simple and troublesome, the Kumara Parvatha Trek experience will tire you and enjoy you simultaneously. 

Attractions and Activities at Kumara Parvatha 

Outdoors Kumara Parvatha is anything but an ideal spot for outdoors as the path from Shesha Parvatha till the highest point is undulating and rough. However, the backwoods trail till Kallu Mandapa has various camping areas for overnight stay. Bhattara Mane is a famous camping area for adventurers who need to go through a night in the midst of thick woods. The Forest Department workplaces give convenience to outdoors which must be reserved ahead of time. 

Shesha Parvatha-

Shesha Parvatha marks two-third of your excursion on the way to Kumara Parvatha. From Kallu Mandapa the path to Shesha Parvatha is set apart by patches of forests tossed with stones. 

Huge glades under the shade of the blue sky make the spot an absolute necessity visit for experienced darlings. From here starts the hardest piece of your journey wherein you should go through intersections of enormous rocks along your way. 

Biladwara Cave-

If you are searching for a strange fascination in your Kumara Parvatha journey, Biladwara Cave is the spot you should rely on. The spot has a fanciful reference appended to it which says Vasuki, the legendary lord of snakes covered up in the caverns of Biladwara Cave from the anger of Garuda. The normally developed passageway of 10 meters and exit of 30 meters of the cavern is an additional fascination which draws stalwart travelers and explorers round the year. 

Mallalli Waterfalls-

Mallalli and Abbey cascades are the two names that are articulated together to add to the stunning regular magnificence of Kumara Parvatha. The Mallalli begins at the base of Pushpagiri Hills from River Kumardhara and tumbles down a tallness of over 1000 meters lastly opening into the Arabian Sea. Mallalli cascade is situated around 26 Km from Somwarpet Village of Coorg region and has perhaps the most enchanting woodland trails in Karnataka. Know about the parasites that you may discover along the woody path! 

Pushpagiri Forest Reserve-

Pushpagiri is quite possibly the most acclaimed winged animal safe-havens of the world which is enrolled among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Covering a zone of an astounding 102 km Pushpagiri Bird Sanctuary is situated in Kodagu region of Karnataka and is a piece of the Kukke Subramanya Forest Range on one side and the Bisle 

Kukke Subramanya Temple-

Shri Kukke Subramanya sanctuary situated in the Subramanya town of South Kannada locale is a famous journey site in South India and a venerated name among the Hindu devotees. Being situated in pristine forestland, the sanctuary region is nearly neater than other traveler locales. With the Kumaradhara River streaming close to the sanctuary and the verdant slopes lining it from all sides, the spot is a quiet asylum for isolation seekers and mystics.

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