5 Myths About Silver Jewelry Debunked

There are a lot of myths when it comes to silver jewelry. Here is the information to know about the different about silver jewelries. Silver is one of the most popular precious metal used for making jewelry. It is sought after for its sophistication and versatility. However, many people still have their doubts in buying this specific type of jewelry probably because of the many myths about it. In this article, let us debunk the popular misconceptions against silver once and for all.

Myth #1: Sterling silver is pure silver.

Many people get confused with sterling silver and pure silver. Pure silver is made up of 99.9% of silver, while sterling silver is made up of 92.5% (which is why sterling silver is also called as 925 silver.) 

Due to its high-purity, pure silver can not actually be used for jewelries because it is too soft and malleable for shaping and hardening. Instead, the standard silver jewelries are made up of 92.5% silver, and 7.25% of other alloys such as copper or zinc.  It is more cost-effective and also easier to repair or replace than pure silver.

Myth #2: Silver tarnishing is inevitable

Contrary to what most people believe, tarnishing of sterling silvery such as 925 silver mangal sutra necklace, can be prevented or slowed down. It does tarnish if not properly maintained and worn. Knowing the right tips and tricks in taking care of your silver jewelry pieces will prevent your goods from tarnishing and looking dull.

For instance, make sure to clean it properly using warm water, and polish it with microfiber cloths instead of ordinary towels or tissue papers. You should also properly store your pieces to avoid them from humidity or from scratching from each other.

Myth #3: Silver jewelry can not be wet

Water itself does not actually cause the tarnishing of silver. Instead, the chemical and compound materials in the water are what accelerates the tarnishig of the goods.

In fact, you should clean your jewelry sometimes with water and gentle soap every once and a while. What you should avoid is the water from pools, jacuzzis, ocean and the moist from your sweat because the chlorine and the salt can certainly tarnish the silver jewelry. Make sure to dry them after in case you accidentally forget to take them off during certain activities.

Myth #4: Silver is a low quality metal

Silver is valuable, not only for jewelrers but also for other industries such as heavy industry, photography and other consumer products. It is one of the most pretistigious metals existing, along with gold and platinum.

The lustrous and durability qualities of silver are what makes it popular in the market. Silver jewelry or antiques can even be part of an estate and be passed down to generations, unlike other cheaper metals.

Myth #5: Silver jewelry should not be worn every day

One of the fascinating quality of sterling silver is its hypoallergenic property. It is safe for your skin, even if you wear it every day.

However, make sure to clean and polish your silver after wearing it to remove the dirt and residue that may have formed when you were wearing it. Body oils can eventually accumulate on the surface of the piece, so never skip cleaning them if you wear them frequently.

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