Beaded sew-ins, in brief, offers the coverage of sew-in weaves with the durability of fusion extensions.

There is so much to learn about beaded sew-in weft hair extensions; that’s why in this post, we will go through everything about beaded sew-in hair extensions to help you figure out if they are for you. From installation to benefits and maintenance, we have it covered for you!

How Are Beaded Sew-In Hair Extensions Installed?


Beaded extensions are hair extensions that involve sewing the hair onto a horizontal strip known as a weft. Unlike sew-in hair extensions, no braiding is involved. Instead, little sections of your strands are blended with extensions and secured with a bead at the roots.

The installation of beaded sew-in hair extensions can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, although it depends heavily on the length of the extensions. 

Benefits Of Wearing Beaded Sew-In Hair Extensions
The many benefits of beaded sew-in hair extensions 

As you now know how beaded sew-in hair extensions are installed and how long they take, let’s look at these extensions’ unique benefits!

You Can Experiment Without Commitment 

One of the most noteworthy benefits of beaded sew-in extensions is that you can experiment with colors, lengths, and textures without chemically treating your hair or waiting for it to grow.

Perhaps you’d like to attempt highlights or go pink to embrace the new season. Beaded weft extensions provide you with the desired look without the need to wait for the color to fade if you change your mind later. 

You can choose from a vast range of lengths, colors, and textures, allowing you to express yourself by experimenting with your hair completely.

Beaded Sew-In Hair Extensions Provide A New Level Of Thickness 

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to beaded sew-in hair extensions. The wefts come in various thicknesses and textures based on how much hair they can hold. Stylists can blend extensions that match the texture of your natural hair while also providing a reasonable balance in terms of hair thickness. 

You will love beaded sew-in extensions if you have ever worn sew-in curly hair extensions for volume. 

Minimal Damage To Your Natural Hair 

Perhaps you’re concerned that extensions will harm your natural hair. It is a reasonable concern, but fortunately, it isn’t the case. 

Beaded sew-in extensions are installed without heat or glue and thus are appropriate for your natural hair. Getting them done by a stylist will also ensure your hair is handled carefully and professionally to get the results you want while avoiding breakage and dryness.

Pro Tip: Unlike sew-in hair extension, beaded extension are still viable for fine or damaged hair. Instead of trying a DIY kit, hire a professional stylist.

Beaded Sew-In Hair Extensions Are Lightweight

Microbeads are firm and have a lightweight silicone lining that lightens the weight of the hair follicles. There are also no tight braids in beaded sew-in hair extensions, so you don’t need to worry about tugging or straining the roots. 

  1. Beaded Sew-Ins Are Discrete And Secure 

The best beaded sew-in hair extension are entirely undetectable and are hand-tied to your hair. To securely install the extension to your natural hair, it uses a unique stitching process.

The stitching method will hold up in any setting, whether at the gym or the pool. You don’t have to be anxious about the extension getting loose or apparent under any circumstances.

Note: If you have thick hair, you can use machine-tied wefts for beaded sew-in installation.

Extremely Comfortable 

Comfort is an essential aspect of wearing any hair extension. Since the microbeads are extremely small and virtually undetectable, you won’t feel any discomfort. It is also one of the biggest reasons women and celebrities wear beaded sew-in extensions.

How Long Do Beaded Sew-In Hair Extensions Last?

Long effortless beach waves 

How you maintain beaded sew-in hair extension determines how long they will last. If you let your hair matt and don’t take care of it, it will not last as long. You will need to get your beaded sew-in extensions adjusted every 6-8 weeks or depending on how quickly your hair grows.

The readjustment procedure does not necessitate the purchase of new extensions. With proper care, beaded sew-ins can last from six months to a year. 

Do Beaded Sew-In Damage Your Hair?

Beaded sew-in hair extensions do not damage hair

As previously stated, beaded sew-in extensions do not damage your natural hair. Still, you must follow a hair care maintenance system to avoid damage– which we will go over in detail momentarily. 

How To Wash Beaded Sew-In Hair Extensions?

Pro washing tips 

There are a few procedures to follow before washing your beaded hair extension if you want them to last.

Brushing Your Hair

Brush your hair gently before it gets wet to get the tangles out. Hold a moist brush in one hand while holding your hair. Brush gently from the mid-shaft to the end and continue until your hair flows without tangles. 

Pre-Shampoo Routine 

Use a hydrating hair mask before shampooing your hair once a week. Let the mask saturate into your hair but don’t apply it directly to the beads to prevent slippage. Wash the mask out after 20 minutes. 

Shampooing Beaded Sew-In Hair Extensions In Sections

You must use the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free and mild shampoos are the best for beaded sew-in hair extension. Divide your hair into sections and take a pea-sized portion of shampoo, and lather it between your palms. Follow the weft line when applying the shampoo and never massage in a circular motion. Rinse out the sulfate-free shampoo and repeat for the next section. 

Conditioning Beaded Extensions 

While conditioning your beaded sew-in hair extension, the focus should be everywhere except the roots. Apply conditioners from mid-shaft until the ends and use a detangler to make the process quicker. 

Pro Tip: When conditioning your beaded extensions, don’t forget about the shorter areas at the front. 

Beaded Sew-In Hair Extension Hair Care Tips

Beaded sew-in curly hair extension

Like the best sew-in hair extensions, your beaded sew-ins require adequate hair care to keep them looking fresh at all times. Here are some hair care recommendations for you to consider!

  1. Comb your beaded sew-ins frequently with a tangle teezer. 
  2. If you spend a lot of time at the gym, tie your hair up to keep sweat from getting into the beads and then wash it afterward. 
  3. Brush your hair and tie it if you are hitting the pool. Alternatively, you can use a leave-in moisturizer or cover your hair with a swimming cap. 
  4. Never sleep with wet extensions. 
  5. Avoid using oil-based products to the roots or anywhere near the beads. 
  6. Braid your hair before bed to minimize tangles.
  7. Separate the bonds as frequently as possible. 


This is everything you ought to know about beaded sew-in hair extension. Enjoy the full coverage of sew-in hair extensions and the durability of fusion extensions! Beaded sew-ins provide numerous benefits that other forms cannot, and they can last up to a year! 

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