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Pune is a city in Maharashtra and is the second-largest in the state. As connected by Sahyadri mountain, it makes a perfect destination for travelling. It is a very green place. It is one of the periodic cities with history, culture and technology.

It is designated as the ‘Queen of the Deccan ’. It is known as the most liveable city in India because of its climatic condition and is encircled by forests making it rich in flora and fauna.


Pune and nearby places are becoming popular among people for exploration and vacations. People are planning to spend more time with nature than in cities. They want to spend their time in forests doing camping, trekking and other activities. Here is a list of places to explore nearby Pune during the weekend.

Pawna lake, Kundalike river, Torna fort, Wai, Lonavala, Bhandardara lake, Rajmachi fort, Kambre, Shirota lake, Panchgani, Revdanda beach, Karnala, Bordi beach, Vasind, Murud, Mandangad, Torna Fort, Kaas Plateau, Harishchandragad, Karjat.



Mandangad is at a distance of 170km from Pune. The green surrounding with rivers makes the ideal medley for camping outdoors. It is very soothing and comforting while taking a hiatus from city life. Fun activities like river rafting, fishing and star gazing on the campsite. All the necessary facilities for a night’s stay in the tents. The nature camping adventure of Mandangad is the best for couples, friends and family groups etc.


Kambre is at a distance of 74 km from Pune. Its pure natural beauty attracts visitors for weekend relaxation. The chirping of birds and calming nature is very relaxing to enjoy. There are many fun activities on and around the campsite. It is one of the best camps to have family time with children. It will take around 2 hours to reach and a good spot for weekend plans with friends.

Rajmachi Camp:

Rajmachi Fort is in Lonavala at a distance of 16km. This place is becoming popular among visitors as a trekking and camping spot. People who love exploring forts and do not want many adventures can visit here. Visitors will love spending time in such a picturesque place.


The two hill stations, Lonavala Khandala are the favourite place for visitors. It is about 70km from Pune, the nearest location for weekends. The drive-by road is very exciting due to the surrounding greenery. It takes around 2hrs to reach. It is a very satisfying place to visit with the family on weekends. Nature’s beauty is so gorgeous; the climatic condition is very ideal for trips.

Kaas Plateau 

Kaas plateau is near the Kaas village in Satara. It is 130km away from Pune. The campsite is perfect for the flora and fauna that is very relaxing to experience. For people who want time with nature, this spot is a must-visit. From August to September, the Kaas plateau is home to more than 850 species of flowers which is the main attraction for visitors. There are many panorama spots for sightseeing, trekking and photography.


The climatic condition of Pune is hot and semi-arid as it is a hilly area. It is delightful most of the time due to its altitude. The summer season is a little unendurable. The best time to visit the locations of Pune is from November to February. The monsoon season is avoidable due to uneven rainfall. The road becomes challenging to journey. These locations are visited mostly by locals during the weekend. The famous places are chosen as vacation spots.


People are interested in camping due to its benefits. It is one of the best ways to understand and spend quality time with family and friends. People are coming closer to nature as it is helpful in stress reduction and relaxation which is irregular in the busy city life. Camping is the best way to escape from pollution, technology and schedules into the wild. The forest, lakeside, gentle breeze and lying in the hammock are thrilling to experience.

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