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Best Treks In Uttarakhand

Who doesn’t want a happy, relaxing and wonderful free time vacation where they can easily spend their time with their loved ones or even alone. Especially when you live in India there are numerous places or even hill stations. Uttarakhand is one of those places where you can easily enjoy and make memorable holidays. Uttarakhand provides plenty of trekking areas which are covered with snow (in winter) and beautiful landscape. 

Here are some of the famous places or winter treks in Uttarakhand :-

Kedarnath Trek 

Kedarnath trek is one most beautiful, famous and also religious trek of all time. This trek is religious as at the end of this trek there is the holy Kedarnath temple situated. This trek is an easy to moderate type of trek and takes a total of 6 days to complete. The maximum of this trek can go to 12,500ft. It’s not an easy trek as the temperature of the mountain area can go down but the end or even the journey is a rewarding one. There are many steep slopes and also the upper Himalayan region gives trekkers a tricky time. After completion of the trek there is a feeling of accomplishment and achievement.  

Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek

If someone wants to make their summer adventurous and see many different sites, The Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek is the best for them. In this trek there are many forests, grasslands, rivers, streams, mountain views all over the trail. Har Ki Dun and Ruinsara Tal are 2 different places but the trek of both the places is the best experience ever.  The trek is a moderate type of trek but does not feel heavy on the legs as the adventure is more during the summer time. It takes a total of 8 days to complete the terk and the maximum altitude of the trek can go to 11,811ft.   

Brahmatal Trek 

Brahmatal gives a breathtaking view of the Himalayas mountain and also beautiful valleys, oak forests, conifers and streams also. Mt. Trishul and Nanda Ghunti, which are covered with snow and also unparalleled Himalayan view. It is also known as Khamila Top. The route covers all the bird-eye views of the himalayan range. It is a difficult type of trek as there are many ups and downs during the trek. It takes 6 days to complete the trek and the altitude of the trek can go upto 12,250ft. It’s a crowd free trek which is the best as it’s a complete new trek.    

Chandrashila Trek

Chandrashila is also known as ‘Moon Rock’ as it has Chandrashila parvat where Tungnath Temple is located. It has a magistictic point of view which covers the Great Himalayas.  It’s a place where a person can easily enjoy and also bless their souls as it covers the Kedarnath Temple and also the place where Laxman, brother of lord Ram meditated. This trek is located in the Chopta region of Uttarakhand and also very famous as the name of ‘ Mini Switzerland Of Uttarakhand ‘. 

Dayara Bugyal Trek

For long weekends, Dayara Bugyal is the best place for beginners. This place has both dense forest and open land with lots of lush meadow. Many trackers start their journey from Barsu village so they can enjoy all the views of both places. This trek is an easy-moderate type of trek and total takes 6 days to complete the trek. The maximum altitude of the trek can go to 11,830ft. It needs some effort to climb the forest part as the ground is completely covered with snow. This trek can be done at any time of the year but not in monsoon. Each of the other seasons like summer, spring, winter and autumn. Most visit during winter to celebrate christmas.   

Phulara Ridge Trek

The ridge treks are very uncommon and new in India. As they are very hard to handle. Ridge is an area where 2 mountains meet each other. Thos trek is covered with mountains and the altitude can go to 12,000ft. On either side or below there are many valleys or meadows. This is a moderate type of trek and takes 6 days to complete the whole trek as the trek includes many different parts and stays. There are many different flora and flora in this region. The best time to visit this trek is May to June, as at this time there are also some green areas. And also September to November as it’s the monsoon season and flowers are blooming.  


There are many different, unique and adventurous treks in Uttarakhand and all of them are really fun. The fun facts about these treks are that they can be visited during the summer time and give a snowy effect to us. If we exclude the monsoon season these treks can be done any time of the year and many people celebrate their new year or christmas in snowy areas. 

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