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How Can You Improve The Vastu Shastra Of Your Bathroom?

Vastu Shastra is an Indian conventional way that has several texts describing the design, measurements, layouts, place affiliation, geometry, etc of your house. Vastu Shastra has been protected in Hinduism in addition to Buddhist beliefs. The layout of Vastu shastra speaks about the relative capabilities of numerous additives of nature and structure. 

Vastu shastra is more about different theories related to structure as well as designs which may be from historical India. The Vastu Shastra thoughts include the designs of a mandir (temple), the layout of a city, metropolis, or residence. 

Why is Vastu shastra crucial for a house? Well, Vastu shastra permits retaining peace and concord in the house. Quite some advantages see a non-stop drift within the house. It is critical for a better life. The type of energy that you are producing is related to the sort of vibe that is for your surroundings – good or bad. 

This might be something new for you but there are certain kinds of Vastu Shastra on your toilet. You want to take a careful look at the Vastu shastra of your restroom. 

Here are a few Vastu suggestions that you can take a look at for your bathroom in the residence. 

Placement of the main door/front door

The major entrance of the restroom acts as a threshold, therefore, it has the utmost importance. Consult an expert who could make you apprehend your toilet Vastu. 

The placement of the main door of your lavatory has to be through Pusha, Vitath, and Grihakshat. Except for those 3 padas, the rest 5 padas can be inauspicious to your home lavatory. 

Find a place that is higher than the floor 

If you need to improve the Vastu of your restroom, then you ought to build your bathroom a piece higher than the floor. According to Vastu, it’s never encouraged to build an area that is in the same place because of the floor. 

This will assist in retaining the vibes and strength of the residence’s advantages.

The right region for the washing machine

Financially looking, everyone can not have large and spacious lavatories. Therefore, it turns tough to deal with a washing machine. However, according to Vastu, you have to maintain your washing machine within the southwest corner of the northwest nook. Nowhere in between. 

Guidelines for the toilet mirror 

Mirrors reflect a lot of energy. The lavatories are referred to as the disposal region of your home. And according to a few people, maintaining precise and positive energy here does not make any experience. But according to Vastu, if the interiors of your toilet are placed nicely, it has the strength to balance the power of your house. 

This will keep the vibe of different bedrooms too. 

Therefore, hang the mirror on the east or the north wall of your bathroom. 

Please make sure you consult an expert in advance before doing any techniques for your toilet.  

Colours of your Vastu shastra

For a toilet that is continually kept closed, it’s far advocated for the walls to make its appearance airy and make one feel the freshness. Light hues are perfect for your bathroom to coordinate with the decor. 

Similar colours or hues may be used for the interiors of the restroom as well for retaining the colour scheme. Please remember that shades like blue or black need to be averted, strictly. 

These colours are called the colours of prosperity and may bring peace and concord. 

Do’s and Don’ts for understanding and implying the right

Vastu shastra for bathroom

There are superb placements you have to not forget even when designing your bathroom.

  • If you have got an independent house, then choose all of the digital bathroom equipment just like the geyser, and heater, to be facing the south-east direction 
  • The bathtub has to be going through east, northeast, and west.
  • The northwest course is the precise one to place your septic tank. However, it might be favoured if it’s above the floor degree. 
  • The southwest corner of your bathroom can be inauspicious for putting something related to water, so it is right if that is averted. 
  • The store restroom ought to be facing east or north.  
  • Avoid constructing your lavatory below the staircase. 

All these factors are vital and should not be forgotten as they may maintain your home surrounded by suitable energies and make your life healthful and rich. 

There are high-quality instructions in your bathroom that may be inauspicious and therefore, it desires to be prevented to preserve the residence from negative energy. 


These Vastu tips to your toilet will make your private home be surrounded by tremendous energy. There are lots of myths about how lavatories do not require Vastu Shastra. 

Vastu shastra has the energy to direct notable energies into the house in which you want to stay in. It can trade the vibes of your property and may convey positivity.

Please remember the fact that it’s important to get a recommendation from a Vastu expert that will help you out with diverse placements in your own home to herald effective vibes.

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