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Adani Realty’s Aangan – the most lavish affordable housing project in Gurgaon

Adani Realty’s, one of the most famous real estate establishments all over the country, has been on top of the real estate marketplace for years now. This real estate enterprise is famous for turning in transcendent and affordable projects for the longest term. They have excelled in making all forms of projects that have effectively made people glad and provided them with a cosy lifestyle.

Just like all of the unique upcoming affordable housing projects in Gurgaon made by this real estate enterprise – Adani Realty has given you a present-day but affordable project known as Aangan. Aangan is one of the excellent initiatives underneath the affordable housing scheme. It is one of the resplendent residential projects that Adani Realty has launched into the market. This fashionable and extravagant residency by the builder has features that fit the worldwide standards of dwelling. Aangan is the essence of the comfortable, peaceful, and affordable manner of living that is furnished to the individuals who invest in this initiative.

Aangan – a few highlighted features

Adani Realty’s unique initiative, Aangan has one motive and that is to provide low-cost houses to people. Situated in a bustling area of Sector 88A, this initiative defines excellence and a dreamful manner of dwelling.

Many thrilling features are provided by Adani Realty. There are a set of various capabilities within the complete venture for the people and they may revel in all of them. 

Some fundamental highlights of the Aangan

Aangan is a luxurious yet affordable project and is built around beautiful greenery. It is a lovable township that ambitions to make everyone feel homely with its low charges. 

Here are some key highlights of Aangan that one desires to understand earlier than buying the house: 

  • surrounded with green landscapes and refreshing gardens
  • Not a dense network
  • The design of the project is lavish to make you enjoy relaxation and be suitable. 
  • Huge gardens in the vicinity leave a smooth vibe
  • Top tier safety gadgets provided by society for the protection of citizens residing there
  • Kids’ play region with the peaceful environment  
  • separate parking for all of the residents dwelling within the township 

Interesting amenities provided by Aangan

With so many new housing projects in Gurgaon that are coming up every day, this low-cost project serves ravishing functions for its people. Comfort and simplicity are the two chief factors that have been concentrated on. That is what everyone anticipates from this mission. Aangan is supplying palatial vibes to people through this project.

Here are a few thrilling amenities or functions to be provided to folks that are planning to stay right here:

  • The residential place may be very spacious and people have numerous areas to stroll or jog without a problem. 
  • The premises have a whole lot of green areas. There are gardens in the place and sitting regions for all, specifically the senior residents.
  • Aangan gives a fitness location or a gym for individuals who wish to work out with desirable sets of gadgets.
  • Every person staying in Aangan is provided with a free parking area. 
  • The premises are guarded by guards all of the time because society follows a 24×7 safety system.
  • There is a court for all people who desire to play any type of sport like basketball, football, or badminton. All the sports have different designated courts.
  • The other first-rate facility is that the whole premises are under CCTV surveillance. Anything incorrect will be immediately visible to the camera. 

These facilities will appear mind-boggling but these are just starters! There are many awesome offerings offered by this residential initiative to the people living right here. 

Location Advantages 

The lavish but affordable project of Aangan is located at Sector 88A.

  • Dwarka Expressway and Aangan have high-end connectivity. 
  • It is genuinely 5 minutes away from National Highway 8. 
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport is somewhere around 10 minutes away from the initiative 
  • Delhi is near Aangan. 
  • The proposed ISBT in addition to the railway station of Gurugram is just 10 mins away from the vicinity. 
  • The bus stand in Gurugram is over 10 minutes away from the low-cost initiative. 


Aangan is one of the few projects to leave you in awe. It will provide splendid facilities further to a perfect manner of dwelling. It has many excellent facilities to provide you with a diffusion of ease and comfort.

This terrific initiative is located in a bustling area of Sector 88A in Gurgaon and has numerous close by benefits, leaving the citizens in peace. Looking at all of the exceptional initiatives by the Adani Realty group organisation – Aangan is one of the most celebrated projects that has been constructed in Gurgaon. 

Aangan is developing a buzz in the marketplace as it’s one of the few initiatives that define the current-day style of residing! 

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