Why Should You Get Custom Business Card Magnets?

Custom business card magnets are effective and affordable marketing tools. Small business owners are always looking for ways to grow their businesses. Often, they tend to overlook the effectiveness of business card magnets.

You can print them in different sizes. A business card magnet is the most popular magnet used by businesses. One of the primary reasons behind its popularity is the layout and artwork you can add to it.

In case you are still wondering why you should consider a business card magnet for your business, take a look at the reasons given below.

1.     Design Flexibility

You shouldn’t underestimate the competence of visuals in the business world. When you capture the right feel and look in a memorable way for the customers, you can open many doors.

Refrigerator magnets come with leeway in terms of design. A few companies prefer the classic look of the business card magnet, distinct shapes are a great way to promote your brand.

In case you are looking for an affordable and fun alternative, you can easily capture the same details on a whimsically-shaped fridge magnet. For instance, if you own a company that offers home renovation services, you can get magnets in the shape of a house.

Other businesses can look for calendar magnets. You can also get magnetic car signs custom to grab the attention of the people.

Since you have a range of design options at hand, your promotional magnet can have a look that is impactful and on-brand.

2.     Impactful Marketing

Commercials on television might not always be as effective as you take them to be because potential customers can change their channel without even checking the ad. Flyers or brochures are often tossed into the dustbin.

Unlike other forms of marketing, magnets tend to stick. By spending just a few pennies, you can get promotional magnets that are highly cost-effective. Your business might receive impressions, which are unbeatable in comparison to other kinds of promotional products.

3.     Affordable

No matter you have a big or a small business, magnets are a great option for marketing your company or the products and services you offer. In comparison to the other marketing medium, car magnets or magnetic signs are highly affordable.

It will generate a positive ROI for you. The main goal is to be visible to your target audience.

4.     Easy to Distribute

One of the primary benefits of magnets, not just business card magnets or custom car magnets is that they can be easily distributed. They are small and portable.

Thus, it can be carried in a small stack in a box or in your pocket to hand them out whenever you come across a potential customer.

You can easily mail promotional magnets. The shape and size make it easier to slip them into an envelope and mail it out to the target audience. Hence, lightweight means it won’t cost you additional postage. In terms of easy distribution, magnets are hard to beat.

5.     Durable

You will find all kinds of promotional items that potential customers like receiving but they give up against wear and tear. For instance, you can give your customers t-shirts but eventually, the design is going to wear off or it will not fit at all. Cups or mugs are good but they can break.

The good thing about magnets is that they don’t get damaged very easily.

They are going to last for a long time in your target customer’s home. Once they stick it to the fridge, they are going to stay safe for several years.

Bottom Line

Promotional magnets are great for advertising your business and gaining some exposure in the industry. Even if they are only used for hanging some bills or to-do lists, promotional magnets can stick around for many years. Their shape and size make them easy to hand out to your target audience.

As your customers stick them on their fridges, they are reminded of your business whenever they look at them.


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