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Modern kitchen: Inspirations And Advice

Modern kitchen, in wood or concrete, white or coloured. The list of options for arranging and decorating a convivial modern kitchen worthy of the name is extensive. Discover the many ways to create and decorate a modern kitchen.

Cocina De Aspecto Moderno

Among the multitude of kitchen styles available from kitchen designers, the modern kitchen remains a must. Simple and efficient, this kitchen oscillates between the classic characteristics of the kitchen and more contemporary and decorative details.

More original than the country-style kitchen and friendlier than the designer kitchen, the modern kitchen stands out with a more open layout with a work island, for example, or with the color deployed on its facades.

How to create a modern kitchen?

To create a modern kitchen, it is necessary to apprehend the room in its entirety. A modern open kitchen will not have the same equipment as a modern closed kitchen.

A modern kitchen open to the living room will, for example, have a layout with a work island or a bar with high stools. In the case of a modern closed kitchen, the U or L layout will be preferred.

Another detail to take into account: define the space needed for storage to know if it is more appropriate to choose a modern kitchen with low furniture only, to be in total osmosis with the kitchen trends of the moment,

If the modern kitchen is available in several types of layouts, it exists in many shades. In the top three of colorful modern kitchens, the blue kitchen , the trite red kitchen and the pastel kitchen remain the must-haves of the moment but cannot compete with the most sought-after modern kitchen: the modern white kitchen .

Modern white kitchen, the essential

This is THE modern kitchen par excellence. The modern kitchen is one of the models most popular with the French.

Bright and efficient, the modern kitchen with white facades has the ability to blend into any interior style. To create a space shared with the living room as for a closed room, it cultivates more than one asset.

Among its many advantages, we must mention its ease with combinations capable of giving character and authenticity to a so-called modern piece. Thus white kitchen furniture can be associated with a cupboard or a central wooden island.

As well as on the small decoration or wall side, its refined aesthetics can be enhanced by the presence of a wallpaper wall, a credenzain colored tiles or black taps. To sum up: to choose it is to ensure the choice of a classic modern kitchen that we can come and succinctly sublimate.

Modern wooden kitchen, the warm

Another major modern kitchen trend: the wood version. Blond wood or dark wood compete in charm to give kitchen furniture a modern appearance while retaining an ounce of warmth and therefore natural authenticity.

Present on the facades, wood can easily be applied to the furniture in the dining area: wooden table and wooden chair for a Scandinavian style decor or rustic chic for those who want to avoid the total modern look. Another very fashionable possible variation: the combination of wood and white laminate for kitchen furniture.

Modern design kitchen, the original

The modern designer kitchen will take the form of a kitchen suitable for receiving colorful touches or more singular materials, particularly as a credenza or worktop.

If the furniture will retain its modern appearance, the design will be expressed by all these details likely to create an original character in the heart of the room. We will think in particular of a worktop in stainless steel or Corian®, a splashback in marble or a tinted mirror effect.

The design can be reflected by the presence of a small designer or colored appliance or light fixtures with clean lines as a suspension for a dining area or a central island.

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