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Roopkund Trek: Beginners Guide

An idyllic trail that will attract touring suckers, The Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand is home to the mystical‘ Cadaverous Lake’. The entranced Trishul Peak that offers a graphic sight during this stimulating passage surrounds it. 

The trail points you to the frozen Roopkund Lake with its pious immolations in Nanda Devi, to produce an each- embracing experience with the uproariously of culture, nature and adventure. You’ll witness opaque timber fields with torrential aqueducts across the leas as you maunder into the generous nature of nature through the regions of Loharjung, Didina, Bugyal and Bhagwabasa among others. 

Arriving at the‘ Riddle Lake That houses remains of calamitous pilgrims will make you jolt, especially with the majestic vision of Roopkund Glacier, Chaukhamba and Nanda Ghunti peaks in the backgrounds.

The Trek

The starting point of the Roopkund trek is at Kathgodam, a small city in the Nainital quarter of Uttarakhand. It’s accessible by railroads and highways, which are the only two ways to arrive in this beautiful covert agreement. The closest field is the Pantnagar Airport, which is 71 kms down – you’ll have to calculate on road transport or rails to arrive in Kathgodam.

With well- connected rail systems, the Kathgodam Railway Station is linked to all major metropolises through standard trains. You can also travel by private or state run motorcars that ply from Nainital, Rudrapur, Moradabad, Chandausi, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Delhi among others.

Best time to do

With a moderate climate that persists for utmost months, summers last from April to June with a temperature that falls below 30 °C. Winters last from December to February and can be relatively harsh with temperatures dipping below freezing point.

The months from July to November are considered to be applicable to visit, with cool gracious winds that allow you to witness nature’s best- kept secret of the Himalayas.

History and other details

With a rich history and a fascinating culture, these municipalities and townlets in Uttarakhand are largely blessed with tabernacles that are the pride of the locals. Observing the culture of this city, you’ll discover the traditions and practices, which are nearly covered and ritually followed.

With a hike in tourism since the past decade or so, the people of the region have absorbed diversity and therefore are veritably friendly to excursionists.

With their compassion and respect for trippers, they will make sure that your passage is filled with memorable guests. ElevationPoints.This noteworthy trekking stint takes you from Kathgodam located at the foothills of the Kumaon Ranges at a height of 554 meters while offering you an exquisite outlook of sights.

As you begin your drive from then to Loharjung that stands altitudinous at 2300 m, your journey to Roopkund lies en route to Ali Bugyal which summits a majestic 3350 meters height.

Cross by Ghora Lotani that falls many kms ahead and bypass Bhagwabasa that peaks at 4100m. To witness the graphic destination at Roopkund, you’ll lift to its marvelous zenith at 5020m.


Entry freights at certain checkpoints, permits for the journey and obligatory timber camping charges in the region for the entire length of the journey will be needed. Please carry your identification cards similar as driving license or namer ID along with a passport size print, a medical instrument icing your fitness for the journey and a disclaimer instrument icing your submission to freely share in this journey.

Permits can be attained at Loharjung where you have to pay camping charges to the Forest Officer. This passage is the perfect experience to enjoy the exhilaration of the Himalayas yet it holds extreme conditions and is generally considered to have a moderate to hard position of difficulty. Prepare completely with regard to apparel and other defensive gears to endure the changeable mountain rainfall, as it may get veritably cold. Keep your trekking gear safe and always keep rudiments similar as wind- evidence jacket, dry socks and caps at hand.

Make sure you choose correct and good quality footwear and fitted thrills to avoid frostbites. Wear the right kind of socks to grease blood rotation. Carry a sturdy resting bag that’s durable and comfortable.

Carry a good quality pack that can insure harsh conditions of wear and gash, especially with a plastic or leakproof filling. Carry your identification evidence as you might be anticipated to furnish it with the officers.

Things to remember

Hydrate two days before your journey – you must triple your water input to avoid dehumidification.

Choose a shoe that’s half a number larger than your normal size. It may be uncomfortable if one chooses a shoe size, which is one number lower than your factual size.

You may end up with sore fritters and pocks at the end of the journey. To avoid pocks, you can wear double layers of socks – a thin nylon one first followed by a thick Turkish sock.

In case you carry your camera or a mobile phone, make sure you carry enough plastic leak proof bags to keep them safe.

Once you start touring with the entire group, try and get your natural meter of walking. Norway essay to walk too fast or too slow as this can lead to unseasonable fatigue.

It’s judicious to carry a windcheater but it isn’t judicious to wear it while touring. During touring, our body produces solid heat and to regulate that, the heated muscles of our body sweat profusely.

In a sticky atmosphere with a hot and perspiring situation, we aggravate it by wearing windcheaters. All by themselves, it leads to a suffocated feeling.

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